To influence the development of democratic, transparent and sustainable sports structures and systems that result in open and inclusive sports program on a local, national and possibly on a regional basis

Handover strategy/Strategy for handover

FFAV have created, in a very short time, an overall strategy for the steps needed to be taken in the coming time. This is…

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Handover strategy/Possibilities?

All in all, a good job has been done, and a foundation for continued work is there, and together we can build and develop…

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Handover Strategy/Challenges and Opportunities

Now, in 2016, time is changing dramatically for FFAV. In our next agreement with our main donor, NORAD, we have received less funding and…

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Handover strategy/Always look on the bright side of life

Again a song title, made famous by Monty Python. We give this reference because there are not only grey skies above, but many positive…

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