Thematic Focuses

In order for NFF/FFAV to achieve its goal on the process to hand over project to its partners and to find new way to sustain FFAV in the future, NFF/FFAV will lay its focus on the following three thematic areas:

-Capacity building
-Partnership and Advocacy

We learn to lead, we learn to be independent

It was a hot July afternoon in a tropical city like Hue, the sun burnt everything on the ground. I got out of home…

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Unforgettable memories

Four days five nights passed but left great and unforgettable memories in our youth. I am FFAV volunteer. Two years ago, I participated in the…

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Training courses for parents’ volunteers

Since 2016, FFAV has put much efforts on drawing community’s involvement and building capacity for volunteers, especially for parents’ volunteers group with the aim…

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Study tour for clubs’ representatives

On December 3rd 2017, under the sponsorship of UEFA Foundation for children, FFAV organized a study tour to Nuoc Ngot and Lai Tan Club…

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Parents and children football

Grassroots football clubs can only be sustainable if they are ran and managed by dedicated locals with a love for football and their community….

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New FFAV – New webpage

FFAV has operated as a project in Vietnam for over 14 years and in May 2016 the Football Association of Norway (NFF) handed over…

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Handover strategy/Strategy for handover

FFAV have created, in a very short time, an overall strategy for the steps needed to be taken in the coming time. This is…

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Handover strategy/Possibilities?

All in all, a good job has been done, and a foundation for continued work is there, and together we can build and develop…

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Handover Strategy/Challenges and Opportunities

Now, in 2016, time is changing dramatically for FFAV. In our next agreement with our main donor, NORAD, we have received less funding and…

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Handover strategy/Always look on the bright side of life

Again a song title, made famous by Monty Python. We give this reference because there are not only grey skies above, but many positive…

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