Previous Partners

Tuyet Nga Co.Ltd

Tuyet Nga sponsored football activities and training equipment for FFAV since 2012. In 2016, they sponsored for A Ngo FC and Ha The Hanh FC.

Mandarin Cafe

Mr.Cu, the owner of Mandarin Cafe, is the Volunteer Photographer of FFAV and he uses the second floor of his restaurant to be the promotion area for FFAV.

Truong An Co.Ltd

Truong An started its cooperation in 2013 by sponsoring Phu Mau Secondary School Football Club.


TechcomGift sponsored football activities and training equipment for FFAV.


1/5 Company started its cooperation with FFAV since 2016 by sponsoring 2 football clubs in Phong Dien: Huong Lam and Nguyen Duy FC.

Cambridge English Language Assessment

In FFAV Cup 2015, Cambridge English Language Assessment sponsored scholarship for FFAV volunteers and staffs to learn English at their Center.

Cat Tuong Quan Zen house

Cat Tuong Quan Zen house started its relationship with FFAV since 2012 by sponsoring funding to organize the first Fun Football Festival and continued to accompany FFAV Cups from 2013 - 2015.

Department of Natural Resources and Environment

In FFAV Cup 2015, this department worked together with FFAV to educate children about environmental protection through life-skill games

Premier League Skills

The English Premier League provided expertise and training to FFAV staff.

Saigontours AS

A Norwegian tourist company, organizing group tours to Vietnam with Norwegian tourists. Based in Brummundal, Norway. Saigontours sponsored the travel for the Friendship Club initiative

Song Hong Central

Song Hong Central sponsored football activities and training equipment for FFAV.


TTS sponsored the lunch for the children at the Mini Fun Football Festival in Do Son district – Hai Phong city and 40 sets of uniform for the 4 Secondary Schools participating in the Festival.

Thuan Phat Print Co. Jsc

Thuan Phat Print Co. Jsc sponsored printing products for FFAV Cup 2015.