Football Sport

Football Association of Norway (NFF)

The Football Association of Norway is FFAV's head organisation, having initiated the project in 2001 as a cooperation with the Vietnam Football Federation to support Vietnam in building its grassroots football structure.

Vietnam Football Federation (VFF)

Vietnam Football Federation is the governing body of all football in Vietnam. FFAV has an agreement with VFF to be their consultant on grassroots football development in Vietnam


The governing body of all football in South East Asia, the 12 ASEAN countries. Organizes among others the Suzuki Cup, the SE Asian/ASEAN championship, as well as SE Asian/ASEAN Championships for national teams from the region

Asian Football Confederation

AFC is the governing body of all football in Asia. FFAV is a member of the AFC Grassroots Panel and has received the AFC Presidents Award as the best NGO within football in Asia


The European Football Confederation, the governing body of all football in Europe. UEFA have supported FFAV with the floodlights at the pitch at  the FFAV Training Center in Van The My. UEFA have also donated footballs to FFAV.


The United Nations Office of Sport for Development and Peace, the UNs organization for all projects and initiatives within the field of sports for development and peace. FFAV have been endorsed for our activities by UNOSDP.

Hue Football Federation (HFF)

The Hue Football Federation is FFAV's main partner in Thua Thien Hue province. Together we develop grassroots and women's football and establish football clubs for children in social centers.


A network of sports projects in the field of sports for development. sfw cooperates with FIFA and UEFA, and manage for example the FIFA Football for Hope-projects. FFAV files their application for support from FIFA Football for Hope activities through sfw

Football For Hope

FFAV have received the funding from FIFA Foundation Community Program. With this funding support from FFH, FFAV use to increase its outreach to disadvantaged children and youth in the Social Centers and resettlement areas

Asian Football Development Project

Asian Football Development Project, initiated by HRH Prince Ali of Jordan, with an overall ambition to promote the development of football in Asia, with particular focus on grassroots. AFDP have donated 3.000 footballs to FFAV.


The Norwegian Confederation of Sports, Olympic and Paralympic Committee. The umbrella confederation for all 56 sports federations in Norway. NFF files their application for NORAD funding to the FFAV project through NIF. FFAV reports to NIF on the project

One World Play Project

One World Play Project provides ultra-durable footballs for many projects within the field of football for development. They donated over 44.000 footballs for FFAV. OWPP aim to provide as many children as possible with the opportunity to play sports