All Our Partners

Football Association of Norway (NFF)

The Football Association of Norway is FFAV's head organisation, having initiated the project in 2001 as a cooperation with the Vietnam Football Federation to support Vietnam in building its grassroots football structure.

Vietnam Football Federation (VFF)

Vietnam Football Federation is the governing body of all football in Vietnam. FFAV has an agreement with VFF to be their consultant on grassroots football development in Vietnam

Department of Education and Training

The Thua Thien Hue provincial Department of Education and Training is our essential partner in organizing the school based football club structure

Thua Thien Hue Provincial People’s Committee

FFAV needs the PPC approval of all cooperation in the province. PPC also participate directly in project management board  and steering committee of FFAV Cup

Nordic Chamber of Commerce

Comprising businesses from Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway, to support businesses from these countries in their operations in Vietnam. Nordcham have supported FFAV activities several times, and FFAV is a member of Nordcham

Dong Luc Group

Dong Luc sponsors sports equipment for FFAV and FFAV clubs since many years.

Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered has joined forces with Women Win to develop and deliver the GOAL program through several projects in Asia, specially tailored to transform the lives of adolescent girls.

For Vietnamese Stature Foundation

For Vietnamese Stature Foundation sponsored for the FFAV Delegation to participate in Football for Hope Festival, FIFA World Cup 2018 in Rusia.


Petrovietnam sponsored Fun Football Festivals in the Art Center for the chidlren with disabilities since 2013 In 2014, they sponsored 100 millions to build 2 football pitches for the blind center and An Tay Social Center.

Nestlé Milo

As the main commercial sponsor for the FFAV Cup since 2014, Nestlé Milo has enabled thousands of children to participate in one of the biggest grassroots football events worldwide.

Vietsocks Production Trading Service

Vietsocks sponsors 3,000 pairs of football socks to support FFAV football clubs in the remote areas and social center’s clubs.

Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam, Hue branch

Vietcombank sponsored several football activities.

IMG Hue Investment Joint Stock Company

IMG Hue Investment Joint Stock Company sponsored for the FFAV Delegation to participate in Football for Hope Festival, FIFA World Cup 2018 in Rusia.

Tuyet Nga Co.Ltd

Tuyet Nga sponsored football activities and training equipment for FFAV since 2012. In 2016, they sponsored for A Ngo FC and Ha The Hanh FC.


A fertilizer producer, serving both the Vietnamese and an export market. A FFAV sponsor. Baconco Cropcare sponsored several FFAV clubs with equipment, and financially contributed to Fun Football Festivals and to the FFAV Cup in 2016.

Mandarin Cafe

Mr.Cu, the owner of Mandarin Cafe, is the Volunteer Photographer of FFAV and he uses the second floor of his restaurant to be the promotion area for FFAV.

Truong An Co.Ltd

Truong An started its cooperation in 2013 by sponsoring Phu Mau Secondary School Football Club.


TechcomGift sponsored football activities and training equipment for FFAV.

Hue Football Federation (HFF)

The Hue Football Federation is FFAV's main partner in Thua Thien Hue province. Together we develop grassroots and women's football and establish football clubs for children in social centers.


The governing body of all football in South East Asia, the 12 ASEAN countries. Organizes among others the Suzuki Cup, the SE Asian/ASEAN championship, as well as SE Asian/ASEAN Championships for national teams from the region

Asian Football Confederation

AFC is the governing body of all football in Asia. FFAV is a member of the AFC Grassroots Panel and has received the AFC Presidents Award as the best NGO within football in Asia

Asian Football Development Project

Asian Football Development Project, initiated by HRH Prince Ali of Jordan, with an overall ambition to promote the development of football in Asia, with particular focus on grassroots. AFDP have donated 3.000 footballs to FFAV.

British Council/ Premier League

Premier League cooperates with the British Council on the Premier Skills concept, which has provided trainings for FFAV stakeholder. FFAV received a grant from Premier League, and had cooperation with the Premier Skills project

Cambridge English Language Assessment

In FFAV Cup 2015, Cambridge English Language Assessment sponsored scholarship for FFAV volunteers and staffs to learn English at their Center.

Cat Tuong Quan Zen house

Cat Tuong Quan Zen house started its relationship with FFAV since 2012 by sponsoring funding to organize the first Fun Football Festival and continued to accompany FFAV Cups from 2013 - 2015.

Department of Natural Resources and Environment

In FFAV Cup 2015, this department worked together with FFAV to educate children about environmental protection through life-skill games

Football For Hope

FFAV have received the funding from FIFA Foundation Community Program. With this funding support from FFH, FFAV use to increase its outreach to disadvantaged children and youth in the Social Centers and resettlement areas

Laguna Lăng Cô

Laguna Lăng Cô cooperated with Phu Loc Sub-DoET in organizing the Fun Football Festival for more than 1000 children in the Phu Loc


Medical Committee Netherland in Vietnam and FFAV cooperated in the development of grassroots football activities in MCNV’s projects sites: Quang Tri and Phu Yen provinces.


The Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism has assigne the National Administration of Sports and Exercise (NASE) to work directly with FFAV, and NASE is represented in the FFAV Advisory Board


The Ministry of Education and Training is responsible for all education in Vietnam. VFF have an agreement with MoET to implement the FFAV model in all schools in Vietnam. MoET is also represented in the FFAV Advisory Board


The Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs have Departments (DoLISA) in all provinces of Vietnam. Since FFAV have activities in many social centers, FFAV have initiated a cooperation between HFF and the TT Hue provincial DoLISA


FFAV is a member of the Non-Governmental Organizations Resource Center in Vietnam, and pays a membership fee to have access to the Centers resources.


The Norwegian Confederation of Sports, Olympic and Paralympic Committee. The umbrella confederation for all 56 sports federations in Norway. NFF files their application for NORAD funding to the FFAV project through NIF. FFAV reports to NIF on the project


NORAD is a Directorate under the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. FFAV have had NORAD funding from its start, and NORAD has been the main donor for the project.

Norwegian Mission Alliance

FFAV and the Norwegian Mission Alliance - Vietnam (NMA-V) share values and policies, and worked together on introducing the FFAV model into  NMA-V projects from 2010 to 2016

Norwegian People’s Aid

NPA Mine Action cooperates with FFAV in surveying football pitches and making them safe for children. NPA MA have also trained FFAV instructors on Mine Risk Education. FFAV regard NPA as one of our most valuable partners in child protection & safety

One World Play Project

One World Play Project provides ultra-durable footballs for many projects within the field of football for development. They donated over 44.000 footballs for FFAV. OWPP aim to provide as many children as possible with the opportunity to play sports

Premier League Skills

The English Premier League provided expertise and training to FFAV staff.

SOS Children’s Villages

SOS children’s villages Vietnam provide shelter and education for orphans. FFAV have provided the gym teachers in all the SOS villages with training. Football clubs based on the FFAV model have been set up in all its 19 children's villages

Saigontours AS

A Norwegian tourist company, organizing group tours to Vietnam with Norwegian tourists. Based in Brummundal, Norway. Saigontours sponsored the travel for the Friendship Club initiative

Song Hong Central

Song Hong Central sponsored football activities and training equipment for FFAV.

Sport Plus Alliance

Formerly known as the Kicking Aids Out! Network (KAO). FFAV have been a member of KAO since 2007. The alliance creates a common platform to share best practices for the organizations working within the field of sport for development


TT.Hue Association for Protection of Children's Rights helps FFAV to develop the FFAV Child Protection Guidelines, monitors the FFAV activities for example the FFAV Cup, and trains the Welfare Officers in clubs


TTS sponsored the lunch for the children at the Mini Fun Football Festival in Do Son district – Hai Phong city and 40 sets of uniform for the 4 Secondary Schools participating in the Festival.

The Royal Norwegian Embassy

The Norwegian Government’s formal presentation in Vietnam. FFAV have a long and very good cooperation with the Embassy. Representatives from the Embassy have visited FFAV activities on several occasions.

Thuan Phat Print Co. Jsc

Thuan Phat Print Co. Jsc sponsored printing products for FFAV Cup 2015.


The European Football Confederation, the governing body of all football in Europe. UEFA have supported FFAV with the floodlights at the pitch at  the FFAV Training Center in Van The My. UEFA have also donated footballs to FFAV.


The United Nations (UN) Population Fund. FFAV and UNFPA share values and policies, and are working together on introducing the FFAV model into existing UNFPA projects.


The United Nations (UN) organization working for the rights of children. FFAV and UNICEF share values and policies, and are working together on introducing the FFAV model into existing UNICEF projects.


The United Nations Office of Sport for Development and Peace, the UNs organization for all projects and initiatives within the field of sports for development and peace. FFAV have been endorsed for our activities by UNOSDP.


The Vietnam Association for Protection of Children’s Rights advises FFAV on its Child Protection Guidelines, and the provincial VACR helps FFAV in training the clubs Welfare Officers, as well as monitor the FFAV activities during the FFAV Cup.

WWF Vietnam

WWF sponsored 10 Million VND for the Fun Football Festival in A Luoi and Nam Dong and organised an info-tent to raise awareness for environmental and wildlife protection.

Women Win

Standard Chartered has joined forces with Women Win to develop and deliver the GOAL program through several projects in Asia, specially tailored to transform the lives of adolescent girls.

World Vision

Football fans and players, nutritionists and health workers, development staff, and sports lovers with one goal: Nutrition for every child in Asia. A healthy diet is the centerpiece for any child's development.


A network of sports projects in the field of sports for development. sfw cooperates with FIFA and UEFA, and manage for example the FIFA Football for Hope-projects. FFAV files their application for support from FIFA Football for Hope activities through sfw