A Brief Project Introduction

Our mission, our vision

VISION: NFF/FFAV to collaborate with VFF, MoET and relevant stakeholders in the development of grassroots football in Vietnam. .

MISSION: FFAV educate parents, volunteers, teachers and empower local communities to create sustainable grassroots football structures.


In order to achieve the above-mentioned objective, NFF/FFAV will employ the following strategies:
A. Support VFF to develop and standardize the VFF’s grassroots football development related structure and system.
B. Advocate to and cooperate with VFF and related stakeholders for the replication of FFAV model to other provinces with focus at MoET and INGOs/local NGO, private sectors.
C. Reinforces the FFAV organization to meet with the requirements of 2019 – 2022
D. Strengthen the FFAV model in TT Hue province through providing technical support, with focus at the social mobilization solutions, for further expansion and development in TT Hue and other provinces in Vietnam.