A Brief Project Introduction

Our mission, our vision

VISION: Children will be enabled to play football and experience life skill educations through the development of grassroots football programs across Vietnam.

MISSION: FFAV educate parents, volunteers, teachers and empower local communities to create sustainable grassroots football structures.

Complete inclusion for all

To achieve this objective, FFAV has a special focus on marginalized groups as well as on complete gender equity. We are establishing clubs in minority and resettlement areas, in social centers and SOS children’s villages. In all events we are encouraging children from all backgrounds to interact with each other, completed with inclusive activities for children with disabilities.

One of the strongest principles has been our strict rule on 50/50 percent girls/boys participation. It has been quite controversial in the beginning, considering that sports are seen as unfit for girls from a conservative Vietnamese view. However, girl’s football has become a common sight nowadays. Some of the young women who first started playing with us 10 years ago have now established their own grassroots clubs, some have even chosen to study sports at University and dream of a further career in football. Every day we can see the enormous potential of football to empower women, even from such a patriarchic background like Vietnamese traditions.

Sustainable structures

To ensure a long lasting effect of the project on grassroots football in Vietnam, the structures we have built in Hue are being modelled to be self-sustainable even after the project would come to an end. Not only VFF and the provincial federations have to be able to take ownership of grassroots football, but also the communities themselves. They are the ones who take pride in their teams, whose children are playing.