When many girls spend qualified time together

GOAL is a program that uses sport and life skills education to transform the lives of adolescent girls. FFAV has implemented this program to make deeper impacts for young girls since 2015. Beside regular GOAL sessions occurring on a weekly basis for 730 girl members across 13 FFAV clubs, we also organize GOAL events for girls only. With this form of activity, we can engage all girls at each school.

“Adolescent girls are at the stage of many changes; therefore, they are usually so shy to ask adults about their changes mentally and physically. At GOAL discussion and games, they are given an opportunity to question and speak freely,” said by Ms. Quyen, a Goal coach.


Over the last 2 weekends (18/9 and 24/9), 3 GOAL events were kicked off at Vinh Thanh and An Bang secondary schools in Phu Vang District, and Thuy Phu secondary school in Huong Thuy District. 487 girls were engaged in the events. Due to the limitation of resources and students’ school schedules, we modified this activity to last 0.5 day instead of 1 or 2 days.

By participating in the event, girls play football matches and GOAL games to learn about rights, hygiene and sanitation. Several girls are giggling with each other while a coach asked if they have had their menstruation yet, but they do not confidently say yes if they do. Many misconceptions about menstruation still exist, which limits girls’ activities, make them feel as if they are dirty during their period, and even create unhygienic habits during their period.  GOAL event uses a game-based methodology to create a fun and comfortable atmosphere for girls to be open and actively involved in the discussion.


At sporting events, boys and men’s participation usually dominates the participation of girls and women.  Hence, girls-only events like GOAL creates an environment where girls can feel safe and participate at their best. Especially, when they are surrounded by their peers and friends whom are going through the same changes, and female coaches that experienced what they are experiencing.

Together with different partners around the world like Womenwin, we keep thriving to ensure the best environment for as many girls as possible to be equally educated, to develop, to be seen and to be heard. Thirteen more Goal events will happen from now until the end of October. We look forward to spending time with many more girls.


Ngo Thi Xuan Thao