We love Vietnam

We are a Norwegian school group travelling the world where we are learning about other cultures, the environment and sustainable development, on all levels. We have been travelling for two months and during our trip we choose projects, where we can work voluntarily and in this way get closer to the local culture and exchange ideas and inspiration.

In Vietnam, we chose FFAV (Football for All Vietnam) and they selected a local school/football club where we could spend some time with and volunteer at. First we got to meet the FFAV project staff, whom were open and professional in their welcome to us and presentation of their work.  FFAV provided us with volunteers to help translate and guide us through the program set out for us. Without the volunteers we would not have been able to do what we had planned, so we are very grateful for their assistance and dedicated work.


For one week we played football, were referees, and had fun with the beautiful and friendly kids at Ha The Hanh School. They thought we were a Norwegian football team, so they were very eager to beat us at football – which they did, a lot J Also we must say, these kids were very talented, as well as very fair to us, and each other. We love their principle of gender equality on their teams: 50/50 girls and boys, only girls can score and only girls are goalkeepers! This way, the boys are taught to cooperate and serve, rather than use strength and force in the game – VERY good idea.

We also tried to teach the kids some life skills such as first aid, cooperation, and how to save the environment (we focused on plastic waste). But mostly we just had fun with them and took lots of pictures, and got a lot of followers on our Instagram @backpackbuffe. We had an absolute joy spending some time with the school English club. We educated through fun games and we all had a great time.

We are grateful for this experience and it was a very good experience for the last part of our travels. Thank you FFAV very much for taking us in, and thank you to all the volunteers who took us sightseeing and joined us every day at the school.


Thank you to the local football club and the teachers at the school.
We hope to see you all again, keep up the fantastic work you are doing.


Kind regards from the students at FHS Nord Norge with Back Pack Surprise