Warmly welcome the 185th member to FFAV family

With the financial support from UEFA Children’s Foundation, another Football Club was established in Hien Hoa 2 Commune, Vinh Hien Town. On September 29th, we journeyed 50 kilometers  to attend the establishment ceremony in Hien Hoa 2 Commune and officially welcomed them to become the 185th member of the FFAV family.


During the ceremony, the children were given football uniforms and balls to use in practice sessions as well as football tournaments. These meaningful presents were tokens of kindness from UEFA Children’s Foundation and Hue Football Federation. We hope that by this humble beginning, the children in Hien Hoa resettlement area will have an accessible, interesting and safe playground to kindle the football passion in them.


Right after the establishment ceremony, the children excitedly joined football activities on the commune pitch. The smiles were brighter and wider than those in the beginning. They looked radiant when their feet got to touch the balls, when they put brand new uniforms on and when they played hard with their friends. There was one thing that really impressed me. With those small and seemingly weak bodies, they were able to move swiftly and very skillfully with the balls. If they are trained properly, they will definitely become talented professional players in the future. We totally immersed ourselves in the dynamic atmosphere on the pitch.


We could see the happiness in the eyes of not only the children but also the teachers. The Board Chairmen shared with us: “We feel really grateful to have the chance to form this club thanks to the support of FFAV. We hope this will benefit the children in many different ways: they can play football, play life skills activities in an equal and healthy environment. They will have confidence to fulfill their dreams one day.”


FFAV hopes that Hien Hoa 2 Club will be maintained and developed further in the future. The innocent and happy smiles when playing on the pitch and when the match was over are the greatest motivations for us to continue this good cause.

Thanh Thuy

Translated by Le Thi Hue