Volunteers- FFAV’s beloved friends

Standing side by side FFAV for almost 15 years through all the ups and downs, volunteers continue to be our irreplaceable companions to the successes and positions we have today.


The volunteer team plays many different roles in our project: regular coaches, referees and life skills facilitators in the school clubs; college students helping with big events such as FFAV Cup and Fun football festival; and fixed members in Communication, Life-skills, Administration and Technical Teams. Recently in the hand over process, school clubs have been making great effort to draw parents support in order to build a strong base for future development.


FFAV is a project for communities and depends on them very much to grow. Other than technical and financial support, school clubs need human resources to directly train, guide and play with children. And volunteers are valuable assets to convey meaningful values through the above activities.

One great aspect about our volunteer force is they give their time out of their passion and enthusiasm. That’s why even when leaving FFAV to move on with their study and work, our volunteers do not forget about our good cause. Recently, FFAV is trying to replicate this model to other provinces outside of Hue. There was a Goal training course in Can Tho last October and gladly it ended with booming success. The training course received a lot of support from new volunteers in Ho Chi Minh City and former volunteers as well.


Ms. Le Tran Thoai An, a former staff member of FFAV reminisced about the good old times spending with FFAV family: “FFAV is like my second family, not just because of the good values FFAV brings to communities but also in FFAV, everybody can develop their strength and each individual is respected for their passions and abilities for the good of the children. Although I am not a staff of the project anymore, I don’t want to cut off the string that once bonded us together. With little effort I made in this activity, hopefully FFAV will go further and higher in the future.”

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Luan, a former intern in Communication and Marketing Department now studying and working in Ho Chi Minh city, happily shared: “I am so happy to continue working with FFAV once again as volunteer here in Ho Chi Minh city. It’s like a home away from home feeling because I’m still a part of FFAV. I hope I will help to promote our activities with articles to spread the good meanings.”


Another positive sign we got was despite it being our first approach in a southern area, we were able to gain peoples’ trust and support immediately. Ms. Giang, through a friend in FFAV, decided to join the training course in Can Tho as a volunteer and got an unforgettable experience in return. “I appreciate the values and methods to convey necessary knowledge to children, especially the way children can easily improve their life skills through simple games with balls. If FFAV model is successfully replicated in the South, many more people will give a hand as volunteers to make this happen.”


Volunteers are the efficient hand for every activity of FFAV. Hopefully in the future, our volunteer forces will increase in number and develop in quality to make sure healthy and fair playground will be out there for children to play.

Le Thi Hue