Various benefits of renovation in Physical Education

Renovation in Physical Education is believed to bring about advantages in teaching and learning for lecturers and students alone. However, its further aim is also to develop the community football movement all over the country.

Shaping the role model

In July 2018, the Football Association of Norway/ Football For All in Vietnam project (NFF/FFAV) and School of Physical Education – Hue University signed the MoU agreement in implementing renovated activities and enhancing the quality of Physical Education.

With the cooperation phase from 2018 to 2022, NFF/FFAV will co-ordinate with School of Physical Education to evaluate the real situations of Physical Education Department then give technical advices as well as continue to follow up the sport clubs and their activities. NFF/FFAV will train college students and teachers on how to bring online tools into managing sport clubs, equip PE majored and non-majored students with updated methods and information as well. NFF/FFAV will also technically support in enhancing the teaching and learning quality by helping students develop their expertise within the program’s frame through training courses; NFF/FFAV will also help give renovated suggestions in the curriculum for a variety groups of students.


Dr. Nguyen Gang, the Dean of School of Physical Education – Hue University said that the school aims to change the model of traditional method training curriculum into the new one which is group-based soon. This means that students can register for the clubs of their favorite sport and will be trained more professionally about this sport instead of following the old program which forces students to learn all the subjects. “The limitation of the traditional training method is that students always have to study some sports that they are not passionate about. This is unsuitable for developing students’ profession” Dr. Gang said.

According to School of Physical Education, a football club with NFF/FFAV’s support will be a pilot model which can create many opportunities to experiment and to study further clubs of around 9 different sports before officially introducing into the curriculum.

Beyond the educational purposes

The immediate advantage of this co-operation is inspiring teachers and students to elevate the quality of Physical Education’s activities, to simultaneously renovate programs, teaching and learning methods in Physical Education as well as to develop the model of modern physical wider to all universities in Vietnam. More importantly, the goal of this co-operation is to generate quality human resources to go on fostering the community football movement in Vietnam later in the future.

At present, there are 216 football clubs in schools, social centers and resettlement areas in the province which are sponsored by NFF/FFAV (started in Hue from 2003). While the project is limited of time (the main sponsor from Development Agency of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will end in 2018), developing this playground is the need of local units and it has to be remained and developed further. According to Mr. Le Dinh Chung, Head of FFAV’s Technical Department, developing community football movement need to have a strong force of professional staff. Therefore, Physical Education majored students who are young and accessible to new training methods will take on well the tasks of training, refereeing, organizing and developing football playgrounds in and outside schools.


For non-majored students, new training methods will help them have more experiences and knowledge about children football principles, values and training methods. Even when they will not be teachers, if they have experiences and enthusiasm, they can support technically for children grassroots football movement. Especially, with a wide enrollment range of Hue University’s students, it will be easier to spread community football to the whole country.

In the upcoming periods, NFF/FFAV and School of Physical Education will organize exchange programs  with other Physical Universities and international sports organizations to exchange experiences with one another. Simultaneously, they will offer chances for PE students to join FFAV football clubs and practice their skills and gain more experiences while organizing activities for children.

Vietnamese source:

Translated by Nguyen Thi My Tu