Unforgettable memories

Four days five nights passed but left great and unforgettable memories in our youth. I am FFAV volunteer. Two years ago, I participated in the “FFAV Youth Leadership” training course and this time, I had one more opportunity to participate in this program but as a facilitator. The program was sponsored UEFA Children Foundation, and it covered all the basic skills as a football club leader needs to have like leadership skills, life skills and coaching skills. I knew that this would be a chance for me to devote, convey and give what I had learnt. However, through four days, I think that I received more than what I gave.


After dinner, all participants played games together

Before the training course, I and my colleagues had wondered whether students were confident or timid, independent or passive etc. In the very first meeting, looking at the bright and shining faces, I got sure that this training course would be successful over expectation. I was really happy and surprised that it did not take much time in the morning for everyone to become closer and comfortably talk with each other. I still remember Van Dung who was voted to be the class’ president with his saying: “If everyone trusts and chooses me, I will do my best.” At the end of the first day, we sat down together, talking about what had been accomplished and what had not on the first day. Some found themselves not very active and confident, yet when all of them were asked: “Do you think that you become more active and more confident in the next few days?” “Yes”, they said confidently. We felt the overflowing energy and the burning enthusiasm of these young people through their strong answers.


Time for practice on the pitch

Four days and five nights are neither short nor long but enough for us to understand each other, and sharing was not made under compulsion. The results were obvious even though confliction still came on the scene. However, the important thing here was participants were willing to face and solve problem together, support each other , and then they saw each other as a “little family”.

On the last day, I say “thank you” to all participants for letting me be sixteen again. During five days of study and practice, I got back more than what I had given. I became younger and wilder and full of energy. To me, the most satisfying thing was the positive changes that we brought to them, or they improved themselves with our numbered days of guidance. Less than five days, the changes in spirit and leadership skills of the participants were clearly shown.  Through teamwork, presentation and activities organizing, no one could imagine that they had been timid and shy just a few days ago.


Quy Trong (in orange) with his teammate in lifeskills game

Quy Trong was the one who left a lasting impression on me. For the first day of the course, he did not talk even say any word, he was so gentle which made us nervous. In the afternoon, he was randomly arranged to be in the same room with other two boys, Van Thong and Van Di who were shy as well. That night, we decided to change the room for Trong. However, the day after, we knew that we were totally wrong, that we did not believe in his changes. He changed completely, confidently participated in activities. He became talkative. When I saw him practice organizing Fun Football Festival’s activities, the way he instructed, explained the rules and conveyed the message to children, I was completely touched. Quy Trong, I admire you a lot!


Phuong (x) – one of the facilitators in the training course

Any party must come to an end. The goodbye moment was filled with feelings, laughters and happy tears at the same time. I know that the course finished which does not mean everything is done. We will keep beautiful memories about each other in this training course. Hopefully, they – the future leaders will devote themselves to the community and then continue to train others.


All participants received a Certificate of Completion for the training course

Dao Thi Phuong