Tran Quoc Toan Club: a cooperation between school, parents and children

Tran Quoc Toan Football Club is a special and very active club we had the chance to visit last weekend, with our dear translator Ms Linh. In addition to the two weekly training sessions that take place at school, the parents organize sessions during the weekends, on a big artificial pitch owned by a private company. In this club, we can see how both school and parents are key partners to create a healthy and useful playground for children to play football and how important and valuable the collaboration between them is.

The weekend training group was initiated by Mr. Nguyen Dai Vui – Former District President, Secretary of District People Committee, Chairman of District People’s Council. Some physical teachers, who were parents too, realized the positive impacts it had and joined the project. It is very helpful for the school to have the parents involved: they constitute human resources, help with the pitch maintenance, pay some fees and inspire their children by sharing their own football experience. On the other hand, teachers remain an important (if not essential) asset concerning football skills and discipline. Ms Thuy, the welcoming and inspired headmaster, witnesses that the club creates a bridge between school and parents to communicate and collaborate, which is a useful asset for the education in all areas.


When people (either parents, teachers or headmaster) are asked about what football brings to the children in their opinion, they share a lot of common answers: it improves the health, the behavior and the results at school; it also helps children to relax during their studies, to socialize and to develop life skills (like cooperation and solidarity). Mr Vui adds to all those benefits that it helps children to spend less time in front of screens (television, smartphones…).

When it comes to the parents, they are very happy to see their children having fun. To come around the pitch allows them to spend more time together. Ms Phuong (volunteer and mother of a player) explained that it made her meet with other parents who want to support their child too and with whom she shares values. Exchanging about their experiences enables them to understand their sons and daughters better.

As for the kids, as you might guess, they feel very happy to have their parents next to the pitch and to get support from them.


On this photo you can see some people we had the chance to interview: Ms Phuong (left) with her son, Mr Vui (in the middle) with his son and Mr Xuan (physical teacher, on the right).

After reading about this friendly and dynamic club, you may want to see the positive atmosphere with your own eyes. In the beginning of April, they organize a tournament with both parents and children as players, to further develop this fruitful cooperation.

Matthieu and Cyndie