Training courses for parents’ volunteers

Since 2016, FFAV has put much efforts on drawing community’s involvement and building capacity for volunteers, especially for parents’ volunteers group with the aim to run FFAV’s socialization model in school football clubs after 2018. In this December, FFAV has organized training courses for parents’ volunteers in Phu Loc, Quang Dien, Phong Dien and Huong Tra district and received such positive responses.


Beside the financial support, FFAV always pays attention to enhance knowledge and skills for Physical Education teachers at schools. Through all this time, the core force to run the regular training sessions as well as organize fun football festivals has been the teachers and supporters from FFAV only. However, in the future, after the hand-over process finishes, school clubs will have to be self-managed in every aspect. Therefore, our desire of great supports from parents increases a lot recently. Parents will not stop at understanding and appreciating the good values from our project. They will be the person who stand together with teachers to organize events, to run regular sessions for their own children. More specifically, after they finish the training course, parents will be qualified to guide children on the pitch or even run events.


Through these training courses, parents will be taught about core values and principles of children football, ideal execution methods and also will be able to join 2 practical sessions with students. There were some parents originated as football players themselves. However, most of them though joined with great passion yet do not have enough knowledge and skills to help school clubs. But all in all, it was their love and the need of a safe, healthy playground for their children that brough them all together in these training courses, leaving behind their own job and work at home. Mr. Tran Khong, a parent at Vinh Hai secondary school shared: “Today I come here voluntarily with the aim of contribute some help to my children’s school club in the future. I know that it won’t be easy for me with 3 intense days of the training courses, but I will try my best for the sake of my children benefits.”


Mr. Tran Doan, a specialist at Phong Dien Sub DoET, highly appreciated the effectiveness of the training courses: “The training courses for parents’ volunteers truly means a lot for not just the parents but also for the schools’ activities in the future. One parent will spread the good values and the excitement when joining the force for their children school to another. This will result in more and more parent participating in school clubs and become helping hands for future plans. There are clubs with the number of parents’ volunteers is from 15-20. This is our very encouraging signs and proud achievements.”


Step by step, FFAV’s schools’ clubs and grassroots football values have been well received by community. And by this understanding, many people, especially parents will join hand in hand helping clubs to maintain and develop in the future.

Le Thi Hue