The Story of Friendship

Kolstad is a football club in Trondheim, Norway. Kolstad FC is a friend of FFAV and has had club members visit the project four times. This has resulted in Kolstad Football and Huong An Community football club starting a relationship in 2012. On the 10th of March, 2018, the chairman of Kolstad FC with his family visited a Fun Football Festival in Huong An club and to see Chuoi, a football player with disadvantages in Quang Vinh-Quang Dien who has been receiving the supports from Kolstad FC since 2010.


Mr. Bjørn Aage Johansen at the fundraising stalls

Mr. Bjørn Aage Johansen traveled with his wife and his daughter’s family. They participated in almost every activity of the Fun Football Festival. In his speech during the opening ceremony, he said: “We are so happy and eager to join Huong An football club on such a joyful day for everyone. Upon arriving, we have been receiving so many warm a welcomes. Also we are very surprised and appreciate the fact that you put our club’s logo side by side with yours on the banners of the festival. We are delighted to know that our little help can bring about many useful activities for the students here. ” Mr Vinh Cuong, the Headmaster and Chairman of Huong An club also sent his gratitude on behalf of the school and club for the support they receive. The two sides then gave each other the tokens of friendship with the wish for a long-lasting relationship.


Partaking in every activity from cheering from outside the pitch, touring the club’s traditional room to supporting parents and students in “Fundraising stalls”, Mr. Bjørn Aage Johansen appreciated the great efforts of Huong An club in organizing the Festival. Everyone who joined the festival that day also realized that despite the geographical and language differences, when running on the pitch, football speaks for us all. It creates an invisible string of friendship bonding everyone into a community. The representative of Kolstad FC also shared that in his club, people are doing the same approaches such as drawing community’s involvement and their supports, organizing fundraising activities such as selling food and handmade souvenirs or working with local businesses. Mr. Bjørn hoped that Huong An club can succeed in fundraising activities so that they could become a self-financed club in the near future.


“5 minute match” between Kolstad FC and Huong An FC

After the Fun football Festival in Huong An, Mr. Chairman and his family continued to visit Chuoi’s family in Quang Vinh-Quang Dien, a suburb of Hue province. For Mr. Bjørn Aage Johansen, he did not wish to come and receive the thanks from Chuoi and her family. He came only to encourage Chuoi to follow her dreams and wish her all the best for her future. Chuoi and her family were so happy to have Mr. Bjørn Aage Johansen and his family come and visit. Chuoi said: “Without the great supports from Kolstad, I would not have been a person I am today. Although, now I have to work in a sewing company to earn money for me and my family, I would like to participate in football activities anytime I have chance. Football is my life passion and I hope to find a more suitable job which is within my abilities and my passion in the coming time”


Kolstad FC’s representatives and Chuoi’s family

The visit of Kolstad’s representatives ended with lots of happiness and satisfaction. We hope that this beautiful friendship between Huong An and Kolstad, or more general, Vietnam and Norway will last and continue to grow in the future.

Le Thi Hue