The stories of self-financial management of Huong Toan 2 primary school

Utilising assets such as relationships with local businesses, relatives, parents’ infinite resources and the transparency when it comes to financial issues, Huong Toan secondary school has had success in self-financing their club.


Starting from the scratch

In October 2012, when working at Huong Xuan school, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Lua, Principal of Huong Toan 2 primary school paid attention to FFAV grassroots football model and found it very useful for students. Since then, he nurtured an idea of bringing this playground back to his school.

First, Mr. Lua held a meeting with students’ parents. He told the parents about the possibility of their children having the same meaningful playground as Huong Xuan School. He then directly asked Huong Xuan club for their old goalposts, other donators for balls and other equipment to form the football club.

Not long after the establishment of Huong Toan 2 football club, he realized the need to join the FFAV family as the children could benefit more from the project’s support, especially financial support. When decided, he wrote a letter to FFAV and in 2013 Huong Toan 2 football club became an official member of the project.

From that memorable milestone of the club, Mr. Lua continued coming up with many novel ideas to raise more funds to maintain and develop the football activities of Huong Toan 2 club. Knowing the participation of parents is of great importance to the club’s development he regularly consults their opinions about every activity. He strongly emphasized the financial problems regarding how to keep the club strong without depending so much on FFAV’s support.


Mr. Lua (in black beret) with teachers and students from Huong Toan 2 primary school

Besides, he encouraged the teachers to mobilize personal relationships such as their wealthy relatives or a businessman they are acquaintance with as donators. Mr. Lua determined: “If our clubs cannot reach big companies, we should focus on local donators as I mentioned above. We must let them see clearly the benefits their children or the children they know can actually receive and then feel content to help.”

In the first year when Huong Toan 2 club had not yet been a member of FFAV, Mr. Lua was able to raise 700.000 dong to set up the club. In 2003, the amount increased to 1.330.000 dong and kept rising in the following years. In 2016, the club saw the biggest increase thus far, 13.250.000 dong. That fund did not only support the activities within 2016 but also spared 4.270.000 dong for 2017. Gaining abundant resources of support, the club organized their own activities besides FFAV events. They also took students to other schools in other districts to play and learn as exchange trips. Recently, they had an event with the participation of Phu Mau and Huong Toan 3 clubs in the 15th of October.


Mr. Lua making a speech in a football exchange event

 “We exploit the donation from many different sources such as donators, local businesses, relatives, parents and 1/3 amount of money from teaching equipment fund. Now, I strongly believe that Huong Toan 2 club is step by step gaining autonomy.”

Starting from scratch, Huong Toan 2 is a promising example of a sustainable club of FFAV.

Bulding trust with business

Since  the establishment and development process, Huong Toan 2 club depends a lot on donators. However, it is never easy. “Our biggest struggle is how to approach the business. It’s hard to do so without good reputation. For example, once I met a friend of mine doing business and he promised to support our clubs with 10.000.000 dong. In the appointment day, unfortunately I had another meeting with some donators and did not come to my friend place on time. After that, he decided to postpone the donation. This story proved that when the opportunity appears, you have to catch it as tight as possible”


Sharing his stories and experiences with others in a fundraising workshop 

Mr. Lua also shared: “To build great trust and mutual interests from business, we promote their brands by showing their images, logo on our social media, on students’ uniforms and banners in events. Besides, publicizing the income and expense of every activity is very important. After every event, we should send our gratitude to the donators immediately and show them how well their money was spent.”

Parents are an infinite source of support

The importance of local business support is undeniable yet the key factor is laid on parents. “Parents are the wonderful assets. This is the sustainable and long-lasting source of support. We give their children a useful playground and they give us their support in return.” Mr. Lua said.

Due to that reason, students and parents are the main participators in many of Huong Toan 2 events. Parents play roles such as referees, managing fundraising stores, and supporters in the preparation process. It was parents that encourage other parents to join and help. As the head of Parents Committee shared during an event on the 15th of October, 2017: “This is a very interesting fun football day for our kids. I hope the teachers, donators and parents will always support the clubs so that the students can have this useful playground to join, play and perform better in school.”

 “The greater we do to receive the support, the clearer we should make in financial issues. Anything that can be bought at parents’ then we buy there to prove the exact amount of money we spend. Buying at big stores can spare a small amount of money but it will not help in building parents’ trust. We should solidify that trust as much as possible because they are the most trustworthy source of information about our clubs in the community.” Mr. Lua expressed

What decides the success of an event is how the children feel after it, not what was reported on paper.


Introducing the club’s “golden notebook”

Not just stopping there, Huong Toan 2 club’s ambition is to elevate the facility and to organize more activities and events in the upcoming times. Mr. Lua concluded: “The sustainability of football clubs depends on many sources, one of which is parents’ support that is very long-lasting and also is the most reliable one.”

List of donators for the last 5 years of Huong Toan 2 football club

-Huong Toan 2 Parents’ committee

-Students and parents donation

-Ms. Ha Thi Song Huong (teacher):3.000.000 (football uniforms)

-Quang Thong metal company: 3.000.000 in 2016

-Kim Vui company: 500.000 in 2016

-Ms. Nguyen Thi Lan (Giap trung village): 1.000.000 dong in 2017

-Ms. Ha Thi Song Huong’s friend in Ho Chi Minh city: 2.000.000 in 2017

-Mr. Nguyen Xuan Loc (An Thuan village): 500.000 dong in 2017

-Quang Thong metal company: 3.000.000 dong in 2017

-Teachers and staffs from Huong Toan 2 school: 1.070.000 dong in 2017

Tran Khanh- Coordinator of FFAV

Translated by Le Thi Hue