The power of football

Football has special power to connect people no matter who you are, how you are or where you are. This story from our player in Phong Dien district will prove this.

My name is Tran Loc Hai, class 7/1, Dien Loc secondary school, Phong Dien district. I used to see myself unlucky from birth. Though my limbs function normally, I have face deformity the day I was born. Feeling ashamed of my face, I hardly stand in front of anybody, especially in crowds.

I remember the very first days of grade 6; with new school, new teachers and friends, that feeling of mine got worst. It liked… I did not talk to anyone else  at school except a close friend living near my house. Just about two months later, the school planned to establish a football club. Since there would be a quota of students in the club at first, the school gave priority to disadvantaged students and students in such circumstances like me (with disability). Hearing the news, I really wanted to register to be a club member as I love football but I didn’t dare to prepare and submit my application at first for the same reason still, my shame to do so. Then my teachers, with their encouragements and explanations on the benefits of participating in the football club, persuaded me: I then registered for the club later and became a club member together with other 86 friends.



Hai (red shirt) joins Life-skill activities with friends

Then came my nervousness of being teased by my club mates during the first training sessions. “How could a person like you dare to play football?” a teasing from a few friends during  my first 2 training sessions. I was deeply sad and asked my teacher for a quit, but he (Mr. Chung) reassured me: “You should not think about it, they didn’t really mean it”. He also talked with those students later.  Then, there were no more teasing after that. In fact, my club mates were then very friendly with me, and usually more players would join in playing in my group.

I really enjoyed playing football, having fun with my friends in life skill games in which I became more confident. This, in turn helped with my study also as I were more confident to ask for support from my teachers and friends for things in classes that I didn’t understand.  My parents were very happy that my school performance in grade 6 and first term of grade 7 were both great. I also sent my writings to school news on technical topics and got awarded in front of the whole school twice.


On stage for the club musical performance

Thanks to participating in my football club, I have been gaining all the good things. I own my deep thanks to all my teachers and club mates; my special thanks also to Football for All in Vietnam for making this happen.

I wish FFAV to continue organizing more and more football and life skills activities so that more schools and students would have chances to play football, learn and develop like the way it happens to me.

Tran Loc Hai Dien Loc secondary school