The community transformer

Here is a successful fundraising story from a football club which provides a foundation to believe in a sustainable future of FFAV programs. A story that shows a reality that nothing is impossible with a leader who never stops believing the values that FFAV’s football/life skills activities bring to children, and who from this strong belief, never stops dedicating his time in searching for all funding possibilities in the community to sustain his passion of providing football activities for children.


Mr Nguyen Xuan Lua, the headmaster of Huong Toan 2 Primary Shool is such an inspiring leader. He is known as a daring innovator, a great transformer of nature.

Remembering the first day when Mr. Lua moved from Huong Xuan primary school to Huong Toan 2 primary school and seeing how the children did not have the opportunity to play football, he discussed with Huong Xuan 1 football club and asked to bring old football goals to Huong Toan 2 primary school. He used 300.000vnd out of his own pocket to paint the goals and to buy some balls to organize football activities for children. In addition, he also actively mobilized support from parents to buy sand to upgrade the school yard. After a month of arriving to the new school, the football activities in Huong Toan 2 primary school developed dramatically. Children play football every day and even on weekends. Currently, the club has 24 football teams (12 boys’ teams and 12 girls’ teams) accommodating around 300 children. Since its establishment, the club has successfully organized many tournaments for the children within and outside the school.


Mr Lua shared his experience on fund raising with other schools in the fund raising workshop organised by FFAV


Since the beginning, Mr. Lua has realized the essence of being self-reliant in maintaining football club activities. He constantly motivates and inspires the other board members including parents and teachers to engage with that vision. His realization becomes more rewarding when FFAV officially inform its hand over strategy and stay focus on club sustainability for the period 2016-2018

Knowing that the top concern of parents is children’s development, the club involves parents as much as they can into club activities so they can experience and see their child participating in activities, how much fun they are having, as well as how they grow through playing. Seeing the development of their children through safe, fun football activities, parents are willing to volunteer and support the club in terms of human resources and finances. The club is very clear in their strategy on parent’s involvement: no matter how big or how small, parents’ contribution and support are valuable for the playground of the children, and all contributions are recorded in the club’s “gold book.”

Moreover, the club also seeks support from sponsors and local businesses with priority for businesses that have personal relationships or basis in the community.

From its establishment until now, he and his team have successfully raised substantial funding for club activities. It started with a modest number of 700.000 vnd in 2012, but has gradually increased by the year with 13.536.250 vnd in 2013, 20.817.000 vnd in 2014, 15.800.000 vnd in 2015, and in 2016 the club ends with a remarkable budget of 34.000.000 vnd.


Mr. Lua with his football players in the Football tournament at school


Everything seems to go on smoothly for the fundraising activities of Huong Toan 2 FC, but things could not go that easy without the effort and persistence from the club headmaster.

When asked about his motivation, he smiled and shared, “Coming from the poor area of the town, I feel my children are a bit unfavorable in comparison with the children in the other schools, so I tried to mobilize all resources to create opportunities for the children in the school. I take pleasure in being with the kids and for me this is a good energy resource to stay young.”

With an ambition to enable millions of children to experience joy and social benefits through participating in football and life skills activities, FFAV absolutely seeks for active agents in the community like Mr. Lua, who are able to lay a very strong foundation for FFAV to grow and accommodate a larger football family.