Support from UEFA Foundation for Children

The UEFA Foundation for Children has earmarked €1 million in financial support for 12 new projects, involving programs designed to help vulnerable, disadvantaged or disabled children across the world” (News from sportfordevelopment)


As one among the selected 12, this is a fantastic news for FFAV as this funding source will enable FFAV to extend its football and life skills education model to the groups of children who are still not able to integrate easily into community in which they live. These groups include young girls living in the province especially those from ethnic minorities, children with disabilities and children living in resettlement areas and in social centers

UEFA foundation for Children was established to help children by providing support in health, education, access to sport, personal development, integration of minorities, and protection of children’s rights. FFAV’s work in grassroots football resonates in these areas through the organization’s philosophies, policies, and practices of integrating life-skills into programming for the development of children and local communities.


“We are delighted and honored to receive this support from UEFA Foundation for Children, this is not only a trust, recognition but also a stamp of quality for our activities. That formal governing bodies in football chose to support FFAV, like FIFA Football for Hope, AFC with their prize in 2015 and now UEFA, gives this an even higher value, as it is football which is our core business. This support is a good motivation for us to try harder in our fundraising endeavor to ensure all children who want to play football will be given a chance. And we would like to share the credit with all our partners and friends because this would not have happened if we did not have your accompany and support” says FFAV Director Nguyen Hoang Phuong.


FFAV will use the funding support from UEFA Foundation for Children with an aim to support these groups of children to address issues they face in their life through participation in football and life skills activities, youth leadership program and other development opportunities. The program is designed and organized to empower young girls, create an inclusive environment for children with disabilities, and prevent marginalized children from engaging in criminal activities, internet games, bad habits, and other social vices.


We thank the UEFA Foundation for Children for their trust in our activities and this generous support. We are very proud and happy to have UEFA as well as other stakeholders to accompany us in our journey of creating healthy playgrounds for children and especially for those in disadvantaged situations. Together we can optimize the positive social impacts created by inclusive grassroots football.

Chau Hong Tinh