Study tour for clubs’ representatives

On December 3rd 2017, under the sponsorship of UEFA Foundation for children, FFAV organized a study tour to Nuoc Ngot and Lai Tan Club for clubs’ representatives with the aim to exchange experiences and learn about how the clubs are running, their challenges, and their fundraising and volunteer work at club level.


Clubs’ representatives participating in the study tour

In Nuoc Ngot club, the heads of the clubs organized a life skills festival for the children in Nuoc Ngot social protection center where there are a  majority of children with disabilities and children living under the poverty line. Aligned with FFAV’s slogan “Acknowledge my disabilities, admire my possibilities”, the children in Nuoc Ngot center did not let these obstacles block their way to having fun and learning with their friends.


The life skills festival began with a cheerful dance from a group of deaf children

The distinct feature of Nuoc Ngot club is that it is run by Soeurs. However, this club has gained a lot of volunteer support from the community. Participating voluntarily in the life skills festival, the Youth Association of Phu Loc Police Office was very enthusiastic in preparing and guiding children in many games and activities. They were all very skilled and experienced because this was not the first time they joined and supported Nuoc Ngot club. Other good news is that apart from the Youth Association, Nuoc Ngot club also received tremendous support from many other sources in the community.


The Youth Association of Phu Loc Police Office gave gifts to Nuoc Ngot club

In parallel with children’s activities, clubs’ representatives also had a chance to listen and share difficulties, challenges, opportunities and other topics with Soeur Thuy, Head of the club and center. Together, they had time to find solutions and suggest potential plans for future activities. Nuoc Ngot club succeeded admirably in raising funds, for example, through sponsorships from Laguna Lang Co, Nike Sport and Foster in Danang companies.


Soeur Thuy shared her club’s experiences

In Lai Tan (Phu Mau) club, clubs’ representatives got another chance to participate in a regular training session. Although it was raining, where the pitch became wet and children’s clothes was stained with mud, the smiles when rolling around with the ball could be seen everywhere on the pitch. More specially, the coach for today’s session was Mr. Chung, a parent and also a member of the Club’s Board.


A regular training session of children in Lai Tan club

In the sharing section the representatives opened up about their issues and created connections, networks with other clubs. Ms. Thuy, the representative of Future Club shared: “I have learned a lot from the two clubs in the way they organise and maximise opportunities for children to join and play. Moreover, from what we gained today, we also have initial plans to cooperating among the clubs in the future”


Clubs received gift from FFAV

Hopefully, through this study tour, other than being able to join and having fun with children, the clubs’ representatives also collected many useful information and created a friendship network among the other clubs so that they will be able to organize more effective activities for children in the future.

Le Thi Hue