Special members of the football clubs

Recently, FFAV’s activities have had the participation of very special members wearing the blue T-shirts. They are volunteers of the club and they can be anyone: parents, former students, members in the community, etc. However, the most important ones are the parents. Their roles do not stop at taking and picking up their kids, cheering them up at the match but they also become coaches, referees, life skills falilitators for the school football clubs.

Big thanks to all the daddy coaches and soccer moms out there and let’s see them being trained by FFAV at a training course in A Luoi province!


Parents paying great attention to the instructor to learn about chilldren football


Review the lesson well before continuing to practice


Let’s go to the pitch!

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 Taking care of the children to the smallest actions


Proudly watching the children from afar

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Moms are great coaches, too!

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Talking with children during and after the practice session.