Special fans lighting a fire of passion

The players nicely leading the ball and impressively scoring goals have always been the shining stars on the pitch. However, today we layed our eyes on the other sides of the pitches where ebullient and exciting cheering came from. There were a great number of people who closely watched the games from the beginning and gave  young players compliments and encouragements, especially in FFAV’s non-competitive environment. These outstanding football fans were none other but the children’s parents.


Having participated in the Fun Football Festival in A Luoi district on a beautiful sunny Sunday, apart from the Primary and Secondary’s students’ strong passion, what impressed me the most was the great involvement of students’ parents. In my mind, these rustic and sincere people are supposed to work hard on the highland fields to support their children to go to school. Their participation turned out to be one of the most important and irreplaceable elements of the event.


Since the very beginning, both sides of the pavements were packed with parents’ vehicles taking their children to school to attend the opening ceremony. Their faces beamed radiant smiles anticipating a great day ahead awaiting their children. During the parade to the football pitches, the parents themselves helped control and guide the students’ marching lines.


Mr. Tinh- father of Nguyen Thi Sao ( Hong Thuong Primary School) guided the students to go in lines

When the whistle starting the matches was blown, the parents gave out the loudest and biggest cheering sounds they could make. Not only standing there watching, they also played many different roles such as amateur coaches, photographers, food and drink caterers or even providing sunproof lines.


Playing alongside with the complete support from their parents, the students tried their best even though winning was not their one and only goal. Playing hard, having fun and making new friends were more important things they wanted to achieve on the pitch.


Professional sunproof line

Following Ms Vien Thi Dinh, mother of Truong Vân Thanh (of A Dot Primary School) through the match, I could clearly see the happiness, satisfaction and pride glowing in her eyes. Totally opposed from the person who screamed hard when Thanh scored the first goal, she shyly shared: “My house are really far from here. We had to wake up very early and depart at 6 a.m. to be able to come to the opening ceremony on time. My son was so excited about playing football today that he couldn’t sleep well last night. This is the second time I’ve attended this Fun Football Festival. ”


As I complimented her on her impressively loud cheering, she expressed, “ I shouted for him so that he can hear and play better. He will be happier if he knows that I am here, watching and rooting for him. He used to plead me to come and see him on the pitch but I was too busy working on the fields at that time. Since I know how much he loves football and has so much fun playing it, I never miss a chance to go with him, let alone an event this big. Today I come and wait for him until the end”


After hearing those simple but thoughtful words, we realized the enormous power football could bring, not only to children but also to their teachers, their parents and even the bystanders on the road. Ms Dinh and Mr Tinh were just two of many parents who happily emerged themselves in the lively atmosphere of playing football. They became the most enthusiastic and fanatic fans of the games, and the ones who lit up the passionate fire in their children hearts. We also want to express our great gratitude to the UEFA Foundation for children which has been kindly supporting us in the journey creating interesting playgrounds for children.

Le Thi Hue