Phuong, from player to volunteer at FFAV

Phuong plays football at the Art Center since it was established in 2008. He has to deal with a physical disability and hearing impairment. Throughout the years, Phuong, in addition to his passion for football, managed to develop good designing skills. He had at heart to do something useful and to work. He therefore thought of FFAV, where he could combine his passion and his skills. He contacted the organisation and sent some pictures to illustrate his work.

Those were well received by Chau Hong Tinh, in charge of the FFAV communication and marketing department, who invited him to a meeting along with his mother to discuss his involvement as a volunteer. It was agreed that Phuong would work from home on specific requests, mainly contributing to projects on the social media channels. He is going to be present in the office from time to time to meet the colleagues face-to-face and will take part in several activities (like the Fun Football Festival), for which FFAV will provide the transport. FFAV has been very impressed by Phuong’s initiative and wants to give him opportunities to develop his designing skills and be part of the project. Phuong, meanwhile, is very proud to be involved in the organisation’s activities. His mother considers it to be a chance to exchange and make new friends.


Phuong’s illustration

At this stage of the article, you are probably interested about knowing a bit more of Phuong:

He is 26 years old and is proud when people notice that he seems younger. He communicates by writing and using the sign language.

Footballplays an important role in the life of this Lionel Messi and Chelsea FC fan. He goes to the training session 3 times a week, which makes him happy. It gives him the chance to be more active and to communicate with the other club’s members. He would like more children to join the Art Center.

One topic that particularly inspires Phuong is his 5-days trip to the Special Olympic in Yangon Myanmar in 2012. He was impressed by the men wearing skirts and the beautiful temples and pagodas. However, he was less convinced about the food and the houses as well as the football pitch. According to him, Vietnam is the most beautiful country, and he especially likes Hanoi.

Seeing the happiness and the pride of his child when being received as a volunteer for FFAV, his mom – a retired journalist – said she will also join FFAV as a volunteer, “when there is any activity, I and my child will join and I can help to promote the project through my article”.

In our opinion, Phuong’s story shows how football can be a fantastic integration tool and provide people with opportunities not only on the pitch but also off the pitch! Thanks to his connections made through football, he can now contribute to meaningful projects. Phuong liked the idea to have an article about him. We hope that it corresponds to his expectations and look forward to witnessing his valuable contribution.