Pham Quang Ai Establishment Ceremony

On the 29th of October, FFAV once again got the joy of having one more Football Club join the big family.


Pham Quang Ai secondary school is located in Quang Ngan town, Quang Dien District, Hue province. This school has up to 1200 students, who all come from a poor suburb area  80 kilometers away from the city center. Although the facility is really poor, with only a small sandy soil pitch and two goals, teachers managed to bring out a lot of laughter for children playing on it. FFAV supported the school with balls, uniforms and other equipment along with trained coaches. With these simple elements, Pham Quang Ai club was set up to create a fair and healthy playground for the school’s children


That Sunday was not like any other Sunday. The students had the opportunity to play hard and to tighten their friendship bonds with their friends in the matches organized after the official establishment ceremony.


After the matches, the students received gifts along with proud titles such as “Fairest play team,” “Best female player,” among others. However, in the end, no matter what title they were given, they already had the biggest prize, which was to be able to join a fun football day and satisfy their passion.


Ms. Nguyen Thi Mui, the Vice Principal of Pham Quang Ai secondary school, delivered a speech during the ceremony: “With the establishment of Pham Quang Ai club, students now have an interesting and useful playground to play. We, as the teachers, will try our best to guide and train these young players so that they can have necessary skills to follow their passion.”


The students went home with beautifully innocent happiness, while we went home with relief smiles as we saw the positive impact the project had on children and the meaningful involvement of the community we are gradually receiving.

Le Thi Hue