Parents at Son Thuy primary school organized a Fun football festival for children

After launching the campaign of including parents in children activities, parents in Son Thuy primary school (A Luoi District) supported enormously in human resources and finance in a Fun football festival. Their roles varied greatly from referees, coaches, organizers to enthusiastic audiences. Step by step, parents are playing a more active part in the development of football clubs.

The beyond expectations success

Due to the location in the southern highlands of Hue province, the entertainment activities for children have been very limited for a long time. Right after receiving the action guidelines, the clubs quickly came up with a detailed plan for activities integrating parents and children interests. The club Board determined that parents should be included as organizers for the event.


Only with a short time of 3 days (from Wednesday to the event day, Saturday), the club received enormous support from parents. There were 20 parents directly participating as organizers. Mr. Ngo Tung Phien, who was in charge of the fundraising stalls, shared with us: “We sell snacks, drinks and other popular products to the crowd joining us today. The money we get from this event will be added to the club’s fund. Moreover, we also encourage people to help the club with finance in the fundraising box.”


Mr. Phien is father of two students Ngo Phan Thuy An (5th  grade) and Ngo Phan Thuy Anh (2nd grade). He expressed more:“Fun football festival with life skills integrated in football activities is a very interesting way to help students feel more independent and active. As a parent, being able to know exactly how my children feel and how much they learn from an event like this will bond our relationships with school tighter and I will feel more content to join in the future’s activities.”


Another example came from Mr. Nguyen Thuong, a father of student Nguyen The Duy in 2/2 class. He was the first person to volunteer in this event. Talking about enthusiasm, he eagerly shared: “First of all, I have time. I do not have to work on weekends. In addition, I want to be involved more in my child’s school life and these activities are extremely fun and meaningful. This model should be developed and expanded in the future. I’m so grateful to have this club here to help the children grow up well.”

The distinct feature of parents in Huong Thuy primary school is that they usually work far away from home. Therefore, they rarely have opportunities to join with their children in every activities. This was the best chance for them to participate properly and to have their participation appreciated. Just three days before the event parents did not know about the fun football festival and no one would know that the club could receive such positive responses.

As a referee, Mr.Thanh, parent of Nguyen Tran Kim Thu (4th grade)  devoted himself immensely in the activities. He volunteered from match to the match without stopping for a rest. Wiping the sweat on his forehead, he told us: “This event is absolutely amazing. That’s all I can tell. Students have chances to play and learn, parents have chances to know more about their children. Right after the announcement from the school, I took the chance to give a helping hand to make this event succeed. The nostalgic feelings about school time are precious for us too.”


Despite the fact that this is the first time a fun football festival has been organized, Huong Thuy school mobilized approximately 400 students and parents and 6 million dong for the club’s fund.

Long for regular activities and supporting the club

Just standing outside the pitch to cheer for their children, the parents could feel deeply the benefits the event brought to all of the children. “The children here rarely have interesting activities like this to participate in. They used to play around the neighborhood and watch TV in their free time. Such activities as today’s can create useful and healthy playground that meets both children and parents’ interests, especially when parents playing the main roles in the preparation and execution process. I hope Fun football festival will be held regularly every semester and I will support as much as I can.” Ms. Nguyen Thi Ty, mother of a 3rd grade Nguyen Thi Thanh Tam gladly shared.


Meanwhile, Ms. Pham Thi Ngoc Trinh with her youngest child went to the event to join her eldest Tran Ngoc Uyen Ha even though she had to work this day in Huong Thuy Company. Only with an hour out of her work-day, Ms. Trinh excitedly expressed: “I would like to join as an organizer in the next activity of the club. I could see the happiness glowing in my daughter’s eyes as well as her friends’. And it is a great opportunity to see a big involvement of parents in such an event. This makes the activities even more meaningful.”


FFAV positions parents’ role as top priority in organizing and maintaining club’s activities. Parents are the base and are the right hand for the development of the club. Fun football festival in Son Thuy met the expectations from FFAV strategy in the hand over process.


As Mr. Thuong told us: “I hope these activities will be continued in the upcoming time. I personally will always support and devote myself to the club financially and physically. I hope other parents will do the same to make the plans go well.”

“Although today is the first time that parents have organized a fun football festival for children, the event was truly a resonant success. After this, we will consult more of parents’ opinions to enhance activities of the club and create more meaningful playground for our beloved children.” Mr. Ngo Tung Phien, Head of Parent Committee concluded.

Tran Khanh- Collarborator of FFAV

Translated by Le Thi Hue