Parents and children football

Grassroots football clubs can only be sustainable if they are ran and managed by dedicated locals with a love for football and their community. Realizing that parents will fully support activities that bring benefits to their children, parents are the most promising voluntary source that FFAV looks at. In order to reach the sustainable football clubs, FFAV will cooperate with clubs to develop local volunteers with a focus on parents.

In the period 2016-2018, FFAV gives priority to football activities organized by parents. And the exchange football tournament in Nam Dong, which was organized with the involvement of parents, is an example that clearly demonstrates that parents can support with organizing events for their children.


Mr. Hoang Chi Tam, the expert of Sub-DoET in Nam Dong district says: “Through this football tournament, parents have the opportunity to participate in logistic preparation and organizing the tournament. Before the tournament, some parents go to the school to help clean the pitch. Strengthening parents’ involvement in activities and events helps not only to reduce the distance between the school and parents but also to make education more effective. Parents know what activities their children are involved in and useful things they get.”

He also shared that in a short time we couldn’t help parents to actively organize all activities. To successfully implement the strategy, we need to build capacity for parents in terms of football, leadership, resource mobilization, communication, life skills, etc


Mr. Huynh Thu (with the micro) is operating the match




Mr. Huynh Thu, Vice President of Parents Association of Huong Giang club was assigned to run the match and also be the commentator. He stirred up the atmosphere of the match with jokes. In my talk with him, he happily shared about his passion for football and his willingness to support club’s activities.

Huynh Van Hieu Thien plays as a goalkeeper of Thuong Nhat 1 primary school club and his father stands near the goalpost to coach him. There is shyness in his saying: “Today, I take a day off from work to come here to support my son. And I am very happy to see my son has chance to play and have fun with friends.”


Huynh Van Thien’s father cheers and supports his son near the goalpost


Though shyness still remains in conversation, it can be seen that parents are very enthusiastic and eager to participate in their children’s activities. In 2017 and 2018, FFAV will cooperate with Sub-DoET and clubs to enhance parental involvement in activities and build capacity for parents in organizing activities for children because we know that parents volunteerism is the essence of sustainability.

Tran Nguyen Ngoc Linh