Our Dream Forward

Football for All in Vietnam (FFAV) continues to seek out important funding opportunities to ensure that both sustainability and capacity building are achieved in the coming years. In doing so, members of FFAV have worked countless hours and continuously in seeking the appropriate funding from various sources.

To that end, over the weekend of October 29-30, 2016, Domeka Garamendi, a FIFA development officer based in Kuala Lumpur visited the FFAV project. In the two days Domeka was with us, he watched a grassroots football match at the Art Center involving two highly skilled girls teams, met with officials from Hue Football Federation, observed football activities and training of a football club in Quang Dien district, experienced a Fun Football Festival in A Luoi district, and spent time discussing the project with various staff members. Although it was a brief trip, Domeka was able to experience every aspect of FFAV.


Mr. Domeka Garamendi (the man in black from the right) – FIFA Development Officer based in Kuala Lumpur visited Aluoi Fun Football Festival

The purpose of Domeka’s visit was to understand the FFAV model and the impact the model has made on football activities in Thua Thien Hue Province. In doing so, Domeka will provide feedback to the FIFA Dream Forward program which FFAV hopes will assist fund the replication of the FFAV model to other provinces in Vietnam – a dream that FFAV intends to make come true.

I was able to speak Domeka about his experience with FFAV during our time together. We spoke about the fantastic experiences he had in exploring the many activities FFAV is involved in. As we stood together on the football grounds of the Fun Football Festival in A Luoi Domeka expressed his enjoyment of seeing the visible integration of the community, football clubs, and government all working together to carry out the festival. Domeka was enthusiastic in expressing how he was able to see all the many children such as young girls, boys and children from ethnic minority groups participating in the festival.  By seeing the 540 children happily playing across the 15 different pitches, Domeka stated that at a grassroots level FFAV is building a foundation in which elite level football players can develop.


Female players chased the ball intensely

The FIFA Dream Forward program is a tremendous opportunity for FFAV and we are glad to have Domeka visit our project to see the work that has been done and the potential the project holds. Realizing the impact that playing soccer and participating in physical activity has on young children, Domeka told the children of the football club in Quang Dien, “Don’t stop playing football. Play football because it will bring you to a better place. What you learn on the field, you will use in life. And most of all have fun.”

It was a pleasure to have Domeka visit the FFAV project this past weekend. For people like Domeka to visit FFAV and experience the positive influence the project has made throughout the province we can open doors to new sources of support. As Domeka expressed to the children of playing football to get to a better place, we at FFAV have a dream for the future to create this better place for all the children, in all of the provinces in Vietnam. This is our Dream Forward.


Michael Dao