Nam Dong Fun Football Festival

On the 8th of October, another Fun Football Festival took place, this time in Nam Dong district, Hue province with the participation of 370 young football players from primary and secondary schools in the area. This event aimed to create a healthy and non-competitive football playground for children in the highland areas and to equip them with useful life skills.


The event was supported by the UEFA Foundation for Children fund

The festival atmosphere was very dynamic. The children wore football uniforms and played happily with their friends on the pitches and in the life skills tents.

The highlight of this event was the participation of parents as referees. Having a chance to talk to Tran Thi Hang’s father, Mr. Tran Van Vac, we were happy to hear: “I’m very happy to know that my daughter has a strong passion for football. Since she joined the school football club, there has been a great improvement in her health as well as her life skills. That motivated me to join the volunteer group as a parent referee to help bring this meaningful playground to not just my daughter but also for those who need it.” This was the proof that the joy and excitement were not only for the children but also for other participators.


Mr. Vac, a student’s father volunteered as a football referee

Playing side by side with our slogan “count smiles, not goals,” the young players had chances to have real smiles and laughs through every activity. In addition, musical performances by many schools in the area also contributed to making this a more colorful event.


The children played life skills activities with information about explosive remnants of war integrated

In the handover process, FFAV’s financial problems are inevitable. However, we strongly believe that with the passionate support of teachers and parents, we will be able to maintain and develop this playground for the future. Schools have taken big steps toward local sponsors and parents have had deeper and meaningful involvement into their children’s activities.


A meaningful day for children 

The fun football festival in Nam Dong finished with success. Hopefully, the fun and interesting experiences children had today will help them be more confident to learn, to play and to experience more, especially the children in Nam Dong highlands where facilities and conditions are lacking.

Thanh Thuy

Translated by Le Thi Hue