Milestones of FFAV

The following information will provide you with some important milestones in developing FFAV from 1997 until today, each year marks an important step in the development of the project.


–          NFF and VFF meet, agree on cooperation on grassroots football for children


–          Application to NORAD for feasibility study


–          Feasibility study completed – application to NORAD for support filed.


–          Important strategic decisions made by NFF:

a.      Name of project: Football for All in Vietnam (FFAV)

b.      Objective defined: form non-competitive grassroots football clubs in local communities

c.      Vision: Football for All in Vietnam

d.      FFAV values and principles decided

e.      Target groups: boys and girls aged 6-15

f.       Girls participation highlighted

g.      Life Skills components must be included, restricted to HIV/AIDS

h.      FFAV must find INGO partner with long competence in Vietnamese context

–          Application for funding from NORAD granted, project start in Ha Noi in April. Norwegian project leader employed.

–          1st coaching course held in Ha Noi.

–          FFAV Code of Conduct (CoC) introduced


–          Important strategic decisions:

a.      School approach, start all clubs in primary and secondary schools

b.      50 % girls participation an absolute demand from FFAV, to receive any kind of support

c.      Priority to primary schools

–          Feasibility survey in Thua Thien Hue province, meetings with PPC, DoET and DoCST

–          MoU on partnership with DoET in TT Hue signed

–          MoU with NAV/NCA (INGO) in TT Hue signed

–          FFAV Anti-Corruption Policy introduced


–          1st FFAV Football Clubs, 4 clubs opened in schools (Huong Giang primary school in Nam Dong district; Dien Hai primary school in Phong Dien district; Primary school number 1 A Luoi, A Luoi district, Phu Bai number 2 Primary school, Huong Thuy district)

–          1st artificial pitch (“binge”) constructed, Ha Noi

–          1st Vietnamese staff employed full time

–          Project start in Hue, March 1st, decided to be the FFAV birthday

–          Share office with NAV/NCA, they also provide accountant services etc.

–          Plan for a Vietnam Instructor Panel decided, use Norwegian International Instructors to train them


–         1st training course in the use of participatory methods for active involvement of children in the development of activities within schools and sports

–          Vietnam – Norway Cup (6 provinces of Vietnam)


–          FFAV logo launched (designer from Ha Noi, later also responsible for logos of FFA Mali, FFA Zambia, Thailand (TBBF), FFA Laos etc.)

–          External assessment of FFAV (Pelle Kvalsund)

–          Introduce the “Gravel Pitch Concept”, 7 gravel mini pitches constructed

–          Team from TT Hue DoET with players selected from FFAV clubs won Silver Medal in Milo Cup – a National Football Cup for children


1st tournament for disabled

–          1st First Aid training course, provided by Vietnam Red Cross

–          2nd FFAV full time staff employed

–          FFAV Advisory Board established with NFF, VFF, NAV/NCA, DoET, DoCST as participants

–          Visit Norway Cup with delegation from FFAV, VFF and DoET

–          Cooperation with EMWF in Da Nang, construct gravel pitch and give course to teachers in Sports Section of University

–          Join Kicking AIDS Out network (KAO)

–          Introduce KAO Child Protection Policy as FFAVs CPP

–          Introduce  strategy “Upgrade football pitches/school yards”


–          1st participation in Norway Cup, girls U14

–          1st clubs established in Do Son, Hai Phong (Cooperation with NAV/NCA and “Mothers and Wives Clubs” (Women Union as main partner)

–          Cooperation with NCA to establish the Thai Burma Border Football (TBBF) in Mae Hong Son, Thailand

–          Sign formal MoU with KAO, FFAV member of KAO network


–          1st Norway – Vietnam – Laos – Thailand Cup (“Cross Border Tournament”)

–          1st agreement with Fredskorpset (FK)

–          1st  football club for disabled established (VTM)

–          1st KAO Leader Level 2 trained by KAO

–          Extra financial support from NRK Telethon (UNICEF) 2008 – 2012

–          FFAV National Coordinator selected to Hue FA board

–          Cooperation with NMA-V, to replicate FFAV in the Mekong

–          Cooperation with MCNV in Quang Tri

–          Cooperation with DoET in Mukdahan, Thailand

–          MoU with DoET regarding pitch and conference room in Van The My, gravel pitch constructed


–          1st Model Club approved

–          Launch website,

–          Cooperation with NCA to form Football for All in Laos (FFAL)

–          Artificial turf, concrete stand and upgrade of FFAV Training and Conference Center in Van The My

–          Team of disabled players participate as Vietnamese ambassadors in National Tournament for disabled in Norway (Ålesund)

–          FFAV receive acknowledgement from the Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) for FFAVs contribution to the development of education and training in Vietnam


–          1st Community Club approved

–          1st volunteers in the office

–          1st Club Developer (CD) employed

–          1st visit by VFF President

–          1st children on Management Boards

–          Moved to new office, own accounting department

–          Evaluation by NIF (Diane Huffman)

–          Manual “How to start a Football Club” launched, seminar developed to use manual

–          Club criteria (Regular and Model Club) agreed by AB

–          Club Development Tool introduced: The Club Visit

–      FFAV Vietnam Instructor Panel formally established, 4 groups: coaches, referees, leaders and life skills instructors

–          Peer leader Program established, priority to girls aged 14 – 18

–          Norway Cup Club established (open for all who have been to Norway)

–          Launch new M&E system for all FFAV clubs

–          Free English education for FFAV staff during working hours, teacher is volunteering for FFAV

–          Cooperation with NPA Mine Action, ERW risk education etc.

–          Children’s Grassroots Football Schools (CGFS) concept introduced

–          Format for Survey for all New Clubs compulsory

–          MoET new member in FFAV Advisory Board (AB)

–          FFAV receive the Acknowledges from the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organization (VUFO) for its significant contribution of poverty reduction and development of Vietnam

–          FFAV Director receive acknowledgement from the Thua Thien Hue Provincial Peoples Committee for significant contribution to the development of education and training in Thua Thien Hue province.

–          FFAV sell consultant services to other CSOs (NMA-V, MCNV)


–          1st Fun Football Festival (FFF)

–          1st Baseline Survey, to be used annually, to ensure all activities are reported to FFAV

–          1st Children Grassroots Football Schools (CGFS) organized

–          1st Mini League (Hue City)

–          FFAV require all clubs to have their own logo, to strengthen identity

–          Cooperation with SOS Children’s Villages Vietnam, all gym teachers undergo training

–          Cooperation with Hue Help

–          Cooperation with Blue Dragon and AFC: “Asian Football Against Hunger”

–          FFAV receive Acknowledges from the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organization (VUFO) for its significant contribution of poverty reduction and development of Vietnam

–          All gym teachers in TT Hue (500+) receive basic FFAV coaching course


–          1st FFAV newsletter distributed

–          1st club referee course for children organized

–          1st visit from the National Administration of Sport and Exercise/Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism to FFAV

–          1st school replicated FFAV model to establish 8 different clubs in school – Kim Long 2 Primary School in Hue city

–          1st  interns in FFAV office

–          1st football match for blind children/youth

–          Re-launch FFAV website, included 6 social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, YouTube and Foursquare)

–          New FFAV Communication Strategy launched

–          Extra financial support from NRK Telethon (NPA Mine Action) 2012 – 2015

–          Fun Football Festival designated for disadvantaged children and youth in TT Hue, involving Social Centres on large scale

–          New FFAV Volunteer strategy

–          Bibs introduced instead of uniforms

–          FFAV require: trial period for all new clubs (5-6 months)

–          FFAV Child Protection Policy replaces KAO CPP

–          FFAV model officially introduced to UEFA, in UEFA Grassroots Conference in Holland

–          Floodlights installed at FFAV Training and Conference Centre (VTM), donation from UEFA

–          Friendship club concept introduced; 1st club to club friendship initiated between Huong An football club in Huong Tra district and Kolstad football club, Norway.

–          Club fundraising strategy is officially communicated with all clubs.  1 training and example sharing organized.

–          FFAV song – Let’s go to the Pitch – composed and donated to FFAV by Mr. Ly, Sia township primary school number 1, Quang Dien district.


–          FFAV Marketing Plan launched

–          3 a side football introduced

–          Children rights’ protection is monitored by an independent organization in FFAV Cup 2013 for the first time.

–          Children playing football within FFAV activities are insured by accident insurance, FFAV Cup 2013 is the 1st football event insured.

–          First ex-post evaluation done in Huong Hoa district, Quang Trị province.

–          FFAV 10 years Jubilee in Hue

–          1st FFAV Cup – the biggest children and youth tournament in South East Asia

–          S2S – web based coaching tool in Vietnamese launched

–          Handshake for Peace introduced in FFFs

–          FFAV Club Ranking System introduced

–          National Administration of Sport and Exercise/Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism joined FFAV Advisory Board

–          FFAV model officially introduced to FIFA

–          FFAV received support from Asia Football development Project (AFDP)

–          FFAV model officially introduced to AFC at AFC Grassroots Conference in Kuala Lumpur

–          FFAV model introduced to Japan League Clubs in Japan.

–         188 FFAV grassroots activities recognized under AFC Year of Grassroots football 2013. And as a result Vietnam was among the top 3 national football federations in the AFC annual Awards

–          1st AFC Grassroots Ambassador visited FFAV Cup 2013

–          1st official visit from AFC to FFAV

–          1st official visit from FIFA to FFAV to FFAV 10 years Jubilee and FFAV Cup 2013.

–           MoU signing with Thua Thien Hue Football Federation

–           FFAV got approval to be part of FIFA’s “Football for Hope Programme Support”

–           FFAV was approved as a member in streetfootballworld (sfw)

–           FFAV was selected among 90 applications from all over the world to join the Football For Hope Festival in Brazil

–          Mr. Wilfried Lemke, Special Adviser from the United Nations Office on Sports for Development and Peace visit FFAV’s activities in So Son – Hai Phong

        On 28th November 2013, the new agreement between the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) and the Norwegian Football Federation (NFF) on the development of grassroots football was signed.


–        On 20th January 2014, FFAV receives the endorsement from Mr. Wilfried Lemke – Special Adviser to the United Nations Secretary-General on Sport for Development and Peace, in which Mr. Lemke offers his support to FFAV for the year 2014 to strengthen our project.

–         The European Football Federation (UEFA) once again showed their support to FFAV with 400 footballs for our grassroots football activity.

–          On 20/03/14, Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway visit FFAV in Huong An Community Football club

–         The online coaching and training platform S2S “Secret to Sports” is fully available in Vietnamese.

–         For the first time, Thua Thien Hue Football Federation (HFF) cooperate with FFAV in organizing a grassroots event for children. This was the Fun football Festival organized on 13/04/14 as part of the “Colors of Childhood” program in Hue Festival 2014, for 1,135 players including 300 children with disability.

–         The FFAV Cup 2014 is organized for the second time in Hue city, maintains the record of the biggest grassroots football event in Vietnam and brings 3,330 children together for 4 days of fun and football. This Cup is also special since we received great support from a new sponsor, Nestlé Milo. They provided uniforms, balls and caps for all teams, this has brought more colors to the FFAV Cup and made the players even prouder.

–           On November 1st, the first Women football club is established.

–         FFAV, Women Win and Standard Chartered Bank cooperation on the Goal program, designed to build capacity among adolescent girls and young women.

–       In an effort to further develop the grassroots football movement in Thua Thien Hue province, NFF/FFAV has supported Thua Thien Hue Football Federation to organize the first Hue Cup in Hue city with the participation of 32 football teams/clubs in Hue city with 64 football matches


– With the positive achievements gained after more than 12 years implementation in Thua Thien Hue province, FFAV model has been selected by VFF to be replicated to 15 – 20 provinces in Vietnam. To support FFAV’s expansion across Vietnam, Chevrolet and One World Play Project (OWPP) have provided 44,520 ultra-durable footballs to FFAV for its replication.

– The FFAV model replication concept paper with details on how to replicate FFAV has been approved and issued. This important tool contain the grassroots football philosophy on which FFAV is founded, and include in fact the essence of FFAV development in Vietnam. Together with our other 13 manuals and the web based e-learning tool Secrets 2 Sport (S2S), FFAV has created the foundation on which grassroots football can be developed all over Vietnam, not only in Thua Thien Hue province.

– Vietnam Association for Protection of Children’s rights (VAPCR) and Ministry of Labor, Invalid and Social Affairs, Thua Thien Hue Association for Protection of children’s rights and the Thua Thien Hue Department of Labor, Invalid and Social Affairs has become official members of the FFAV Advisory Board.

– Follow the success of the FFAV Cup 2014, the FFAV Cup 2015 has been successfully organized from 2nd – 5th June 2015, gathering 3.533 children (50% girls) with 1.226 football matches. FFAV Cup 2015 marked with a biggest number of guest teams. Together with delegations from 9 provinces in Vietnam, Salavan and Savanakhet participation has made this Cup the biggest grassroots football event in the area. The highlight of FFAV Cup 2015 is the participation of Vietnam Football Federation as an official partner in the organizing of the Cup.

– On 18/06/2015. the MoU on replication of the FFAV model to all provinces of Vietnam is formally signed by VFF and MoET.

– FFAV received AFC Dream Asia Award for outstanding contribution to social development in Asia.

– FFAV received 2 Asia Sports Industry Awards (SPIA): Gold award for Best Sport Youth Program 2015, Silver award for Best Sports Amateur Event 2015.


– 28th May 2016. 9 football clubs in Do Son were handed over to local partners

– June 2016. FFAV’s organization restructure. Handover the leadership to the Vietnamese, Mr. Nguyen Hoang Phuong is promoted to be FFAV Director

– FFAV Former Director – Mr. Anders Krystad joined AFC Grassroots Panel

– FFAV Cup 2016 (4th FFAV Cup) was successfully organized with the participation of 3.490 children (50% girls) with 1.140 football matches.


July 2018, for the second time, FFAV is honored to receive the AFC Dream Asia Awards 2017 in the NGO category for its outstanding contribution to social development in Asia and Mr. Nguyen Hoang Phuong, director of FFAV, is also honored to receive Individual Award for his excellent contribution to the football movement


FFAV participate in the “FIFA Foundation Festival” formerly called “Football for Hope” Festival – an official event of World Cup 2018 after the first time in 2014.

FFAV is selected as one of the 27 organizations that is part of the Common Goal collaboration cycle, where professional football players and managers team up with football for good organizations to advance social change. FFAV is recognized for the work we are doing in SDG4: Quality Education by Common Goal member Shinji Kagawa from Borussia Dortmund FC.