Introduce Goal program in all primary schools in TT Hue province

Goal program has been implemented for the last 3 years with the aim to equip adolescence girls with necessary knowledge and skills. After the successful training course for the Goal facilitators core team, these passionate teachers now go back to their districts and share what they learnt to the teachers in the area.


The training courses took place for 3 days and were very effective thanks to everyone’s enthusiasm and activeness. They were all eager to learn more about life-skills teaching methods and raised a lot of questions about the related issues. Moreover, because the participants were female, they felt more confident and comfortable in exchanging ideas and discussing.


Through “be yourself”, “be healthy”, “be empowered”, “money savy” sessions, the teachers explored the children’s rights, difficulties and solutions for them.

In addition to the theory contents, in this training course, they were also put in practical situations in which students may have to cope with in real life as well as worked together to find the best way to convey the information to children. The teachers were encouraged to stand up and voice their opinions in order to practice public speaking skill and to share their own stories, their own problem that need advices. The safe, open and natural environment is one crucial goal that Goal organizers wish to achieve.


Having the chance to talk with Ms. Linh, a member of the Goal core team, she shared: “The Goal program is very meaningful for both children and teachers. I really feel grateful because of the participants’ activeness and willingness that helped the training course went well. I hope these valuable knowledge and skills will be soon conveyed to children who are very much in need.”


We also hope that each and every teacher took part in the training course today will give out their best with the aim to make changes to young girls in their vulnerable phase, to help them have a great life with knowledge, confidence and health.

After more than 3 years Goals has been executed, FFAV has helped to bring about a safe, meaningful, and interesting playground for young girls with 2.075 female students participating in Goal regular sessions, 14.000 young girls approach to the program through Goal events and nearly 300 teachers were trained properly in how to deploy the program. Hopefully in the future, those figures will continue to grow thanks to these passionate teachers.

Thanh Thuy