Imagine Peace

As one of five participant from Youth Leadership Program 7th in Gwangju selected to participate in the 2014 IMAGINE PEACE Youth Camp in Greece, the first time ever, I excitedly packed for my new journey to Europe.

The IMAGINE PEACE Youth Camp, as stated in the name itself, is a forum for  65 young people from 28 countries to get together for learning and sharing about how to use sports for Peace building.


Parcipants- hand in hand together- with IOTC tattoo

To tell the truth, the first thinking ever that came to my mind when I landed Greece was: “ Yahooo… I will meet my friends in YLP 7 soon”; and yes, not only did I have reunion with them, I even met Mr. LemKe, Ms Juliee from UNOSDP and other friends from the other YLP hosted by UNOSDP. So how lucky am I!

With aduration of 6 days, participants had the chance to participate in a lot of activities thanks for the careful preparation of organizing team which includes trainers and volunteers, Olympic winners, representatives from International Olympic Truce Centre (IOTC), UNOSDP, International Olympic Academy (IOA), British Council, etc…


Among inside activities, we discussed about Peace Play, in which we chose the form to promote peace. Our team (DPRK- Greek- Kenya-South Korea- Thailand-Vietnam), with the hope of social inclusion for the people with disabilities, showed the sign language to explain the song “IMAGINE” composed by John Lennon. With time pressure and being lacked of knowledge of sign languages, we did spend a hard time to search for sign languages and its meaning. Such a funny image to tell while other teams discussed excitedly, our team kept silent and most of us surfed the internet. Let’s watch our performance and share how you feel:


Our team

In addition, we had one more project for our new team called “Chilly ’n’ Kimchi’ (We had Thailand+ Vietnam with the special love with Chilly and DPRK+ South Korea with their traditional food- Kim Chi). Based on the requirement of organizing committee, one activity for agroup of youth up to 15- 20 max, we chose to request them to play a role for 3 scenarios about disadvantaged  groups:  a boy with Down Syndrome and  his love toward football, a little girl with early pregnancy and her love to study, a man with HIV/AIDs and his hope for a meaningful life. This activity received  positive feedbacks from trainers and other participants for its communication purposes about social inclusion, a big part of the effort to achieve “ Peace” in this world with diversities.


One of 3 scenarios for role play


Moreover, we had more topics to discuss and debates like sports against racism, life skills, the rights and responsibilities of human beings…. We did gain quite a lot of information thanks to different culture and geography background and the initiatives of the trainer.

To ensure the health of all participants, we all participated in sport activities after indoor sessions with Youth Sports Trust UK trainers, 5 Olympic winners and volunteers. We played sports, both Olympic games and learned about Olympic Values. One more experience to me was that we played sports till 19:00 when The Sun was still very high while in Vietnam, we only can see it till 18:00 at the latest.


Furthermore, I didn’t miss the chance to visit Archeological, Museum of Ancient Olympia as well as the Acropolis of Athens and its monuments. I am very happy to visit a great, historic architectural complex of the World.

Thanks FFAV, UNOSDP, Organizing team in Greece and sponsors to offer us “ once in a lifetime” opportunity to take part in this meaningful camp. We were learnt and shared in Greece, we will continue to learn and share in our home country in the field of sports for Development and Peace. Dear 1st Imagine Peace Camp participants, see you all again!

Nguyen Ngoc Yen Nhi