I am empowered through the Goal program

This is a story about a player in Nguyen Duy secondary school who has changed herself to be more confident and outgoing thanks to participating in the Goal program.

I have just joined the Goal program and I like it a lot. I have learned so much useful skills and knowledge. I can take care of myself better. My habits about eating, studying and hygiene are improved. Through Goal sessions, I have become more confident in sharing my wish and dream with others. I’m very motivated by receiving the support from the teacher and friends.


Thanks to participating in the Goal program, I have gained more knowledge to stay away from diseases and social evils. I understand how dangerous and infectious HIV virus is and how to protect myself.

I see that I have changed a lot. I was shy and didn’t dare to speak in front of other people. Now I comfortably share my thoughts and emotions with others. By doing so, I learn from other friends too, and I am aware that I can ask for help when needed.

Tran Thi Hong Thuong, the 8th grade, Nguyen Duy secondary school, Phong Dien District