“Home Coming” Event

As part of the team’s commitment to bring the atmosphere of real FIFA Foundation Festival to benefit their friends at home, on 12th July 2018, a “Home coming event” which was designed, planned, coordinated and implemented by the four FFAV young delegates, the event brought lots of fun to all the children in Xuan Phu social center.

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Du, Hoang, Huong, Anh, 4 young players and also 4 sensational representatives of Vietnam did an amazing job at the FIFA Foundation Festival. They immersed well in the international environment where people from many different countries, different cultures came and shared their values. And from those wonderful experiences, they learned and improved themselves, became more confident, energetic and dedicated. Now that the four delegates returned home, they wanted to share what they luckily learnt at the festival with their friends at the center.

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At the “Home Coming” event, the 2 boys, Du and Hoang were in charge of “Football 3” activity, a method of using football as a tool to bring about positive social changes. The children at Xuan Phu center had a chance to participate in a 3-half football match, to voice their opinions and ideas to add creative rules to the game. After playing on the pitch, they gathered again to evaluate each other’s performances and decide the final result with both team’s agreement.

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Huong and Anh, the 2 girls, on the other hand, were responsible for the “Football for good” activities. They organized many interesting games such as “Mingo”, “Crossing the river”, etc. with the aim of fostering creativity and raising awareness about many important things in life. After playing the games, they would have a discussion section to share life lessons so that they learned together.

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Children at the center were divided into 2 teams and took turns to partake in the 2 activities. This made surely equal chances of playing for all of them. Thang, a 7th grade student at the center, shared his joy after playing a football match: “I am so proud of Du, Hoang, Huong, Anh, who are just like my brothers and sisters here. They organized the event for us today so that we can enjoy the atmosphere of the Festival and I really appreciate that.”

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After playing hard, they enjoyed a buffet party which included their favorite food, 10 pizzas from DMZ Company. DMZ is one of the sponsors who had supported the delegation in the preparation process before they departed and now they continued their kind spirits as sponsoring for this “Home Coming” event.

“Home Coming” event is the proof that meanings and values of the FIFA Foundation Festival have power to spread widely. The four delegates also proved their commitments to make changes to society and made us believe in their leading skills through this activity.