Having fun and creating opportunities to have fun

In the process of establishment and development, Football For All In Vietnam has helped create and maitain fair, safe and interesting playgrounds for children throughout Hue province with more than 17000 young players and 189 football clubs. In this recent handing over project phase, the football clubs are taking big steps towards finding new sponsors to raise fund to sustain clubs’ activities. At Fun Football Festival for Social Centers and Resettlement Areas in Hue and Fun Football Festival in A Luoi, which were funded by UEFA Foundation for children, there was an outstanding and effective type of funraising which was Fundraising Stall.


Fun Football Festival is an interesting event which draws a lot of attention from teachers, parents and the people in the nearby areas. Fundraising Stalls were decorated beautifully with balloons, flowers and ribbons in order to acttract people to come and take pictures for a keepsake. In these scorching hot day playing football, the football clubs quickly updated and sold snacks, cool soft drinks and other kinds of goods. Those things met the needs of a large range from children to adult. Beside selling, they also organized some fun simple games to rouse the atmosphere. That had a great effect on the customers.


As for the Social Centers like Hope Center, An Tay Club, etc at Fun Football Festival in Hue, they sold the products made by themselves. The lovely small objects such as bracelets, keyring pendant, scented bags, notebooks, etc made a huge apperance at the event. By this way, not only could they earn money for the club but also created a useful extracurricular activities for students to have fun and find the way to have fun. Besides classes and footall practice sessions, learning how to make and sell these little handmade things makes extracurricular activities more diversified.


Setting up Fundrasing Stalls is also a way to draw parents support and develop parents and community’s involvement. Ms Nguyen Thi Kieu Nhi, a teacher in Kim Dong Primary School club shared with us:” We received a lot of support and encourage from the parents. They made a great apperance in today’s Fundraising stalls. Some even came from early in the morning to help set up and stay to sell the food. ”


Fundraising Stalls work based on willing co-operation between teachers and parents. All the profits gained from today will be used to organize activities for children as the finance support from FFAV project is reducing in the handing over period. Fundraising Stalls can be applied to any activity or event that have many audience.


It’s about time for the head of club to come forward and play a more active role in finding the sponsors and raising fund to maintain the club’s activities. Fundraising Stalls had proved their effect through the two Fun Football Festivals. Other football clubs can freely adjust and apply this model to theirs. Moreover, they can come up with more effective and creative activities to keep up the fair, healthy and fun playground for children.

Le Thi Hue