Handover strategy/Strategy for handover

FFAV have created, in a very short time, an overall strategy for the steps needed to be taken in the coming time. This is the theory, and we expect to work closely with all involved stakeholders in the coming time to improve, adjust and adapt. The foundation is the idea that what has been created must be secured, and that the experiences made and lessons learned must be utilized. Our meeting with the Department of Education and Training in Thua Thien Hue province was indeed a positive experience in this respect.


The grassroots football with life skills integration activities in Thua Thien Hue will be handed over to TT Hue Department of Education Training. All related activities will be self-implemented and self-financed by the schools and community.

Vietnam Football Federation will take over the model in TT Hue and use it as VFF’s model for the replication national wide.

NFF/FFAV will remain as an organization to support grassroots football development in Vietnam and possibly in Southeast Asia.


The model in Thua Thien Hue will be adapted to make it most feasible for further development in TT Hue province and other provinces in Vietnam

The local human resources at different level will be built up to a level that they will self-operate the model in a sustainable way.

The awareness of government authorities/local authorities and the society on the importance of grassroots football activities on child physical and mental development are increased.

A feasible model for NFF/FFAV development beyond 2018 will be identified and established.


Strengthen the capacity of FFAV partners focusing at strengthen local resources

Advocate and develop the community intervention model which can help transform the current status into sustainable model.

Advocate to national related government agencies for FFAV model replication with special focuses on MoET, VFF, INGOs.

Strengthen the monitoring and evaluation system with focus on the impact and changes measurement.

Strengthen the communication/marketing and fundraising to capitalize all funding opportunities.

Prepare for an independent and autonomous NFF/FFAV aiming at a full exit from the project by NORAD by the end of 2018.


Short term strategy

In order to accommodate the requirements, NFF/FFAV has executed the following immediate actions:

Look for alternative funding to ensure the scale of FFAV activities. Currently, FFAV has approached FIFA Football for Hope Program Support for 2017 – 2018; UEFA Children Foundation, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, commercial partners and the IOC.

Reduce administration cost.

Revise organization structure to accommodate FFAV’s new strategy, new funding situation.

Reduce FFAV staff salary up to 30% based on each positions.

Reduce number of staff from 14 to 7 full time staff

Stop all ad hoc FFAV model replication’s operation.

As you can see, drastic changes have to be made. The process has already started, but we know a lot of hard work and tough decisions are lying ahead.

New structure – new tasks and responsibilities

As part of the handover, some changes in management and in organizational structure have been made. The main issue is that the direct leadership of FFAV in Thua Thien Hue province now will be in Vietnamese hands.

For the advocacy and replication of the successful FFAV model into other provinces, NFF will still play an important role.

FFAV will be led by Mr. Nguyen Hoang Phuong as Director, with Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoa as Vice Director and the work with FFAV advocacy and replication will be led by Mr. Anders Krystad as Special Advisor South East Asia.