Handover strategy/Possibilities?

All in all, a good job has been done, and a foundation for continued work is there, and together we can build and develop the FFAV model. It is actually our hope that this can also inspire and motivate other national Football Federations, as well as national and international NGOs to look to Vietnam in their efforts to develop the beautiful game.

1.      Education system

To make a school based model working well in terms of quality, a reform within physical education textbooks, curriculums and education plans is needed. MoET has invited NFF and FFAV to contribute to this process, which we see as a second key to future success for football in Vietnam. This process will take time, and all current physical education teachers must be reeducated. The same goes for the teachers in colleges and universities who are educating students who want to be physical education teachers.

Just make a simple calculation: there are about 30.000 schools (primary, secondary and high schools) in Vietnam. Each school would need 2 – 4 coaches to be close to the FFAV model, and that equals 60.000 to 120.000 coaches as a minimum. As the FFAV coaching courses over 5 days can accommodate up to 25 – 30 participants, then we talk about 2.000 to 4.800 courses…

The answer is easy: this must be done through the education system, not only by FFAV or VFF organizing the courses. MoET has the door open, we have to deliver.


2.      Development of footballs own structures

It is evident that the FFAV strategy from the start of the process, focusing on building the needed football structures in forms of clubs, provincial football federations etc. was correct.

These structures are still weak, only 19 out of 63 provinces has formally a football federation. How many of them being proactive and well-functioning is also a topic for discussion. VFF realizes this too, and FFAV are more than willing in being their consultant in such matters.

The topic of club affiliation to their respective provincial federations has in principle been approved, but TT Hue Football Federation has currently only 8 members, while FFAV alone has 184 clubs, and in addition we have mapped over 170 football clubs in Hue city who are not members. Big task ahead.