Handover strategy/Always look on the bright side of life

Again a song title, made famous by Monty Python. We give this reference because there are not only grey skies above, but many positive issues too to highlight. We know we can pull this through. 

In the last few years NFF has come a lot closer to FFAV, and given it higher priority. VFF and other stakeholders in Vietnam likewise. UEFA and FIFA are already supporting FFAV, the UN has endorsed our work, and direct cooperation with UNICEF and UNFPA are ongoing, the same applies to the SOS children villages.

Our cooperation with the Norwegian Peoples Aid Mine Action has potentially saved people’s lives – by surveying our football pitches and clearing explosive remnants of war (ERW). Hopefully there will be a continued cooperation, which we feel is very much needed.

A proper child protection policy has been developed and FFAV have proved we take child protection seriously. This work will be continued with the same efforts.

We have created a fantastic FFAV Cup, which we will do all possible to protect and develop.

The media attention for our work has increased dramatically, and the number of businesses, small and large, have increased their support. The number of football clubs and players are steadily increasing, and FFAV is currently involved, directly or indirectly in 10 provinces in Vietnam.


One World Play Project has already delivered over 44.000 ultra-durable footballs for mass distribution to football clubs in schools, and more have been promised.

Anders Krystad has been selected for the AFC Grassroots Panel, and the AFC Grassroots Charter is well on its way – serving as a huge incentive for all national football federations to give grassroots football a much more prominent role in the development work. This appointment is a credit to the work FFAV staff has carried out over the years, and shows that many people have trust and belief in the work that is being carried out in Vietnam by FFAV.

NFF have confirmed their long time commitment, even if they at some point cannot continue to support the FFAV financially.

FFAV have realistic hope for financial support from new sources, and we promise to work hard for the benefit of the children of Vietnam.

FFAV are here to stay – FFAV are here to play!

Now we ask you to support us in this important task – any contribution will be valued.