Goal training in Can Tho

It was a beautifully sunny day in Can Tho last Friday as a warm welcome the city gifted to me, a new member of FFAV. It is a great pleasure that I have chance playing a small but meaningful role in FFAV family, as a volunteer for GOAL project in Ho Chi Minh City, and the 3 day training course in Can Tho this October is my very first activity with the family.

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My first impression is the enthusiastic vibe of the course: all participants were very eager and ready for the training, from 02 FFAV facilitators to more than 20 trainees who are teachers from various schools in Can Tho and Ho Chi Minh city. Even the local authorities were very supportive in helping organizing the training smoothly. This get-together already contributed greatly to the success of the course I think.

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During the course, the enthusiasm was even more. The facilitators brought in basic yet valuable knowledge following 4 modules of the program, demonstrated in an easy-to-absorb way through sports games. The plain knowledge now becomes as most lively than ever. The trainees in whatever age, from young to adults, can find it helpful and easy to understand. It helps equip women in general, and girls at young age, knowing what are expected for them and thereby they will know how to protect themselves in every situation. 3 days are a long time for a training, but in not a second we feel bored. Facilitators are well knowledgeable and experienced enough to drive the class in a flexible way so that people are not get overloaded. They can create a good atmosphere that all trainees participate proactively in the activities and have chance to have their voice up. There was always a sum up sessions to ensure trainees not getting lost. It was great.

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The training course ended up with a GOAL event in the afternoon of last day. Almost 100 girl pupils from primary and secondary schools in Can Tho joined the event. This is “the show” for trainees to practice all the skills and knowledge they gained over the last 2.5 days into the field. This is how they would gain first step confidence to roll out GOAL program in their own schools. The event was smoothly handled by our trainees. The girls were very happy participating in the games, gaining newly practical knowledge, and having gifts in the end.


To me, the most success of the program is the very first impression it made: Enthusiasm. With this enthusiasm, I believe GOAL program can be spread out widely in Can Tho and have its own grounded first steps in Ho Chi Minh city. I feel great about the good intention and methodology of this program, I also learnt a lot – especially on skills; and promise to myself will try to be a proactive volunteer for GOAL & FFAV as an extended hand of the program in the South.

Giang – FFAV volunteer in Ho Chi Minh city