Goal facilitators

Through the implementation of sport activiites (i.e., football in particular), Goal is a very useful program for young girls in primary and secondary schools. However, this program does not only benefit students but also Goal facilitators who always attentively help with delivering all of the activities. Students are the direct receivers, yet Goal facilitators are the first to be affected by Goal’s positive impacts


Attentively guiding children through activities

The Goal facilitators team originate as Phyical Education teachers in primary and secondary schools from the area. Before officially being the Goal facilitators and guiding children through the activities, they were trained with many courses to help develop their skills as well as knowledge about topics that would be conveyed in the Goal program. Other than Goal training courses, they also had the chance to participate in Peer Leaders, Peer Facilitators, and other workshops. By doing practise sessions and official activities, the Goal facilitators gradually became experienced and flexible in managing the activities. Having guided students with activities integrated with sports and gender information, they got to know more about the students and be able to listen to their thoughts and feelings resulting in valuable lessons for themselves.


Contributing in workshops and developing their knowledge and skills

Let’s hear a story of Ms. Nguyen Dieu Anh, a PE teacher from Lang Co secondary school and also a life skills facilitator with FFAV. She joined the FFAV family in 2016 and this year she became a Goal facilitator. She shared with us: “This is the first time I’ve participated in such a meaningful and wonderful activity like this. However, the first time doesn’t mean that I lack passion or enthusiasm. All of the activities such as group discussion, outdoor activities and sharing experiences in the training sessions were very practical and useful for us. We’ve learned to be more confident, to think outside the box and to execute activities in a dynamic way ”


Becoming experienced when communicating with students

Ms. Anh also excitingly told us about the experiences of when she could practise applying the information and skills into real activities with other teachers. Additionally, the facilitators got opportunities to get to know each other, to make friends and to confide within the group about work and life problems. Besides, she always received attentive support from the Goal’s former. It was because of these experiences that brought about many changes for the better in her life.

Meanwhile, Ms. Tran Thuy Duong, a teacher from Le Loi secondary school told us this story in another angle: “When the students came and asked me questions about gender, sexual or physiological issues before, I would directly avoid to answer to them. However, I have totally changed since I participated in Goal program. Now, not only can I answer to those questions but I can also share comfortably with students in and outside Goal clubs about sensitive subjects to equip them witch such necessary knowledge”


Always being pasionate in every activity

“Having got a chance to become a Goal facilitator is something that I will never regret. In contrast, I feel really grateful for being a part of this meaningful activity to help the community. Myself have improved a lot since I was able to realize my weaknesses when practising with other facilitators and students. Goal truly is my unforgettable experience.” These sharings from the bottom of their hearts are solid proof of Goal’s success. And the people benefiting from this program will never be limited in students or the facilitators but there will be more people in the community receiving this positive affect.

Le Thi Hue