Getting to know Quang and Hung

The Art Center Football Club is open for every children, boys and girls, with a disability (hearing, learning, etc.) or not and is coached by Mr. Thinh, who is focusing on the abilities and strength of everyone. He explained us that playing together helps the children to feel more confident and that playing against other teams contributes to improve their behavior, for example becoming more patient and know how to control their temper. He remembers that at the beginning, all the kids ran away when foreigners came, while today they interact with them, which we could witness.

Quang and Hung are both playing there more or less since the center became a FFAV club in 2008. After having had the chance to talk with these 22- and 24-years-old adults (thanks to the useful help of Hong, our Vietnamese-English translator), we thought they deserved to be better known.

Hung and Quang

Hung (in black) and Quang

Quang and Hung are both devoted members. Quang works in the center every day (he was proposed a job at the tennis court), and so he comes whenever he has free time to join the activity of the club. He plays with the children and does whatever they need. Hung is nothing less than described as “the translator” by the coach, as he can speak Vietnamese but also the sign language. He learned it at school, where some children with hearing impairments were. He uses it during the training session or the matches, for example when kids don’t understand the rules at first.

Those two fans of Ronaldo had the opportunity to travel thanks to football, what makes Quang say that he feels very lucky. In 2009, they were selected with 8 others children to go to the National Football tournament for people with disability in Norway, during 10 days. It was their first trip abroad and they were very impressed. When we asked them what their best memory as a football player was, they both told us about this trip, whether about playing with children in a wheelchair or cooking with other participants. Quang was impressed by the size of the fridges (like a room in Vietnam, according to him) and the length of the daylight. He told us once he was wondering why they should already go back to the hotel in the middle of the afternoon, when it was actually already 7 PM! They came back home happy and their heads full of memories, as well as with 2500 pictures on their camera. Quang took also part in tournament for children with mental disability in Thailand and in Myanmar. Hung went also to Myanmar and Ho Chi Minh City.

Cac em tai NaUy

In 2009, Hung and Quang went to The National Football tournament for people with disability in Norway

For them, football had a real impact on their socialization. Quang told us he had not so many friends and went back home immediately after school when he was a kid. Then he started to play football, first with one or two people and then more and more, which helped him to become more confident. Hung too enhances the positive impacts of the football club for him: to have more friends, to feel more confident, to get lifeskills and to feel more optimistic.

It was a real pleasure for us to have a chat with them, we thank them for their welcome and for having accepted to talk with us instead of playing football!

Matthieu and Cyndie