Fundraising Workshop

Since the first fundraising workshop in Phong Dien district back in November 2016 the FFAV fundraising team has continued to conduct workshops across the province. The team made of FFAV staff members, headmasters, and community members all contribute their knowledge and expertise to the workshops. The hope is that participants of the workshops consisting of other headmasters, physical teachers, and those involved in FFAV club activities can see the importance of obtaining funds and realizing their ability in helping to sustain club activities.


Fundraising workshop in Nam Dong

In order to build the capacity and inspire local communities to take on the challenge of self-financing their activities the fundraising team has worked hard at bringing new methods to engage participants. There is session that asks the participants to break into groups and discuss the challenges to fundraising in their communities, as well as ways to overcome these fundraising challenges. The discussion brought forth is enticing as not every district is the same and face different challenges. Some challenges brought forth in the workshops include areas of districts are not financially stable, very little corporations to interact with, and people do not have experience in fundraising methods; thus, to remedy the lack of experience the fundraising team created role-playing scenarios. Role-playing helps position the participants into scenarios where they may be seeking money. The participants are able to visualize and see for themselves necessary steps in order to pursue fundraising endeavors.

As many participants have no experience in fundraising, it is important for them to have exposure in fundraising cycle, principles in approaching potential donors, and to be familiar on how to maintain the relationship.


Fundraising workshop in Quang Dien

The fundraising team also shares experiences from other districts, in addition to their own to help motivate participants. Headmaster Lua from Huong Tra is always keen on sharing his story of fundraising through parents at his school and that his desire to raise financial support is to keep football activities going for the children. FFAV staff members also stress the need for fundraising efforts to occur on the ground because the children want FFAV activities to continue. In the end, the goal is provide grassroots football integrated with life skills education to all children that want to participate. With that, it is important for local communities to plan their own fundraising initiatives, and for FFAV to assist in moments when possible.


Samples for fundraising activities

Local communities have the ability to help fundraise for their football clubs. They have the passion and understand the need to do so. They will be the ones to financially support FFAV football clubs once the handover process is complete. In the meantime, FFAV will continue our due diligence in building the fundraising capacity for everyone involved in each district.

Michael Dao