Fundraising stalls at Thuy Bang Football Club

At Thuy Bang club, fundraising stalls were well prepared by the students’ parents with a wide variety of goods such as drinks, snacks, light meals, etc. This nice act was done by complete voluntarism and all the profits will go straight to the club’s fund.

With just a small act of informing to parents, teachers and students about school event and “gently remind” them not to have breakfast before going to the Fun Football Festival, they could have more customers and raise more fund for the club. After the event, everyone was satisfied with the convenience of the stalls and was happy for contributing something to the club with their daily simple actions .

Let’s take a tour around Thuy Bang club’s fundraising stalls!


The shops have big signs written “Fundraising stall”


The “shop sellers” working hard as if it was their own bussiness


The stalls have many different kinds of food…


…and drinks


Regardess of ages, they came to support their children 


And the children were happy to have their parents by their side on such a fun and interesting day!