Fundraising group

With an aim of building capacity for clubs in fundraising and spreading the self-financed football club model, FFAV has established a fundraising group with the participation of enthusiastic and dynamic members in fundraising. 

The fundraising group consists of 10 members including 4 FFAV representatives, and 6 representatives from Huong An club, Huong Toan 2 primary school club, Tran Quoc Toan primary school club, Quang Phuoc 1 primary school club, Hai Dang – Xuan Phu social center and Nam Dong Sub-DoET. They are teachers and experts whom have successfully raised funds in their own clubs and have made great efforts in fundraising activities to maintain a useful playground and activities for children.

During the previous years, FFAV played a vital role in approaching and mobilizing funds from national and international sponsors. However, now is time for these members to join FFAV in mobilizing funds. Discussing how to conduct fundraising events and the value of sharing their experience with others clubs Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoa, FFAV Vice Director shared: “Capacity building for clubs in fundraising not only benefits clubs but also the schools since they can apply what they learned to raise more funding and support to the school activities as well.”


Left to right: Mr. Hoang Chi Tam – Expert of Nam Dong Sub-DoET; Ms. Ho Thi Bich Hoa – Huong An club; Ms. Vo Thi Hanh – Hai Dang – Xuan Phu Social Center; Mr. Nguyen Xuan Lua – Huong Toan 2 club; Ms. Le Thi Thuy – Tran Quoc Toan club, Ms. Le Thi Loan – Quang Phuoc 1 club

In the first meeting the fundraising group actively exchanged with each other by sharing the advantages, disadvantages and their own ideas regarding fundraising in their local area. “As each club has different backgrounds and conditions, we will implement the fundraising activity at a suitable level. To favorable clubs, the fundraising activities seem to be easier but it does not mean that clubs which have less conditions cannot raise funds,” confirmed Ms. Ho Thi Bich Hoa of Huong An club.

Ms. Thuy, an enthusiastic teacher, who has raised funds efficiently in Tran Quoc Toan primary school club in Phong Dien district shared, “I used to face lot of difficulties and receive objection from other teachers when I made a fundraising plan for club’s activities. However, with my determination and persistence, I did implement my plan and got success.  Therefore, today we are here not only for discussing or proposing ideas but also making detailed plan to implement these ideas in the future.”

On 11th November 2016, the fundraising group will debut a fundraising workshop for clubs in Phong Dien district. Hopefully, they will have a good start and inspire other clubs with their activities and ideas.

Tran Nguyen Ngoc Linh
Translated by Do Nhu Hong