Fun Football Festival in Phong Hien secondary school

On the morning of December 10, students at Phong Hien secondary school in Phong Dien district enjoyed a fun football festival with their friends, teachers and especially, their parents. Parents involvement has recently taken a big step forward. The parents no longer know nothing about their children’s activities at school or are those who just stand outside the pitch watching them play. They are now a crucial part for the club’s development in the future.


It was an auspicious day for children to play with the warm sun rays shining down on the pitches. I had the chance to watch students playing football, life skills games and other fun activities in the Goal tent. It came to my attention that whether they played superbly on the pitch or stood on the sidelines to cheer, whether they won or lost, radiant smiles appeared in every corner of the event. The smiles are also the most truthful criteria that the organizers use to evaluate the success of any event.


There was another thing that differentiated this event from many others. The parents came and prepared for their children’s fun football day. In line with FFAV’s socialization model applied to football clubs, parents will play an important role in maintaining and developing clubs’ activities. In today’s fun football festival, the number of parents involved has increased noticeably and their roles have gotten bigger in time.


Thao Nguyen, a 6th grade student in Phong Hien secondary school shared: ”Today I go to this event with my parents. I feel very happy and I smile a lot. I hope other students in the future will get a chance to go with their parents as well. ” The parents also had the opportunity to play in the same match with their children. The bursting joy when scoring a goal with the support form their parents seemed to be greater than when playing with their friends.


Mr. Nguyen Chi Linh, The Principle of Phong Hien secondary school was very excited with the positive signs from the parents: “One of the distinct features of parents in this area is that they are not rich. Therefore, it is quite hard to draw their support financially. However, we would like to create an environment in which parents and teachers will be bond together for the benefits of children. By this way, the parents can support us by helping organize the events or coaching and guiding them in regular training sessions. We will also continue to raise fund from local companies and other resources to make sure children will have a safe playground to play. ”


We hope nothing more than having this useful playground always accessible for children to join in the future.

Le Thi Hue