Fun Football Festival – A Colorful Day

On April 29th, the Fun Football Festival in Hue city took place at Uyen Phuong Stadium, Hue city. It was a bit rainy but could not bring down the excitement of many people attending festival. Today, the stadium was full of laughter and joy.


As soon as you stepped into the stadium, you would be overwhelmed by the attendance and excitement of kid players and non-competitive matches. The slogan “Count smiles, not goals” was hanging prominently at corners. In the pitch, children played football cheerfully and enthusiastically under the guidance of the teachers. They teamed up with each other, burst into happiness if they scored a goal but also no sadness if they did not. Their colorful uniforms covered the whole pitch.


Like other FFAV Fun Football Festivals, beside football matches, children also comfortably participated in life-skills activities and traditional games at booths, and the Goal programme was open for all the girls in the festival. They was taught about hygiene sanitation, money saving and HIV/AIDS through games with balls and discussion. With the support from teachers and friends, they became more confident in sharing their opinions and emotions with others.

This festival also had the participation of Thua Thien Hue Association for Protection of Children Rights for the propaganda of skills against child sexual abuse. Different interesting games were organized to encourage children’s participation and learning.

A pupil said: “Thank you for organizing fun activities for us”. In a simple way, children’s bow or thanks reflected their happiness, their gratitude and the significance of the festival.


I visibly noticed that parents also play a part in this colorful festival. I had a talk with an uncle. He shared: “Today I am happy when watching my children play cheerfully. Since joining the football club at school, they focus more on learning in the class. They are no longer passionate about video game. Study results are improved a lot. Therefore, I often take them to the football sessions and see them practice”. At the end of the match, his children, Huong and Quoc, pupils of Huong So primary school, ran up to him and hi-fied: “So great!”. Smiles are bright on their faces. Today not only brought the joy to only a children or a parent but for everybody.


The Fun Football Festival came to an end succesfully. Children, teachers, volunteers and parents were tired though but still in high spirit. Hopefully, pupils will have more opportunities to take part in and experience ‘’learning through playing” activities like this.


Lê Thị Huế
Translated by Trần Thị Bích Trâm