Fun football and life skills festival

As a kick-off event for the new year 2018, on the 12th of January, Thua Thien Hue Department of Education and Training together with Football for All in Vietnam (FFAV) organize a “Fun football and life skills festival” for over 400 primary students in Thua Thien Hue province at the Art Center, Hue city. The event was aimed to provide students with a safe, fair and useful playground so that they can develop themselves physically and mentally. As for the teachers, they can base on this opportunity to evaluate and better the effectiveness of their teaching methods.


Students playing excitedly on the pitch

There are four main activities for the children: Drawing competition and Quiz games for Rights and Duties of Children, Goal program for young girls and a fun football tournament. There is also an exhibition of the students’ paintings for people to come and see through the day. Beside the main activities, musical exchanging performances are a must to lighten up the mood for everyone.


Child protection is always at the top priority

All the activities were designed with children rights and fair genders perspective. For the football tournament, each Sub-DoET has 2 teams for boys and girls playing under the same conditions. This will enable every student to have equal opportunities to play and have fun. More especially, the Goal program which is developed with an effort to build leadership and financial literacy for adolescent girls and young women attract lots of participants. “These extra currilcular activities are really useful for children, especially when they are still young and yearn to learn more about life outside school. The event today was well organized and I have also learnt a lot from that.” Ms. Hoang Thi Diem Phuong,  a specialist from Phu Vang Sub-DoET shared with us.


Goal program for young girls

Carefully and effectively organized, the festival make sure that every student will have places and activities to play continuously all day. Le Thanh Thuan, a student from Huong Van primary school, eagerly shared his painting with us: “I’m drawing a picture of me and my friends playing a traditional game called “going to market”. I’m very happy to take part in an event like this. I can travel to another place away from my school with my friends and teachers which will be a memorable experience for me. My parents also support me with both hands. After finishing the drawing competition, I will go down to cheer for my friends in the football pitches.” He smiled radiantly after sharing us the story.

IMGP9494 (2)

Student Thanh Thuan proudly sharing his picture

Even though the freezing cold and sprinkling raining weather seemed to be not so much in favor for today’s event, everyone’s trying their best to gain a fun and  delightful day for their students. Seeing teachers attentively facilitate and guide their beloved students and the students themselves play and learn with keen hearts through all sessions of the event, we knew at once that not only will these extra-curricular activities help them perform better at school but this also help develop their good manners and personalities in their later lives.

Le Thi Hue