For a Fun Football Festival

Another Fun Football Festival arrived in Phong Dien district early on the morning of May 26, 2018. More than 840 students, teachers and 37 parents made the day memorable. Mr. Sigmund Stromme, the representative from Baconco Company also came and visited the event.

Baconco has been a partner of FFAV since 2015. The company sponsored football equipment for football clubs, two Fun Football Festival events in 2015, and the FFAV Cup in 2016. This year, Baconco continues its good partnership with FFAV by sponsoring the Phong Dien Fun Football Festival.


Similar to other Fun Football Festivals, children not only play football but they also participate in life skills activities, Goal-tent for girls, traditional games, traditional dances and join musical performances after lunch time. With the nature of grassroots football, all children can have the chance to play and have fun on the pitch regardless of their genders or football skills.


Making use of this event, many fundraising stalls of football clubs were set up to raise funds for organizing future activities. Human resources from teachers and parents were very strong and enthusiastic making the event much more lively and energetic. Parents joined as referees, coaches, and facilitators. There was also a match exclusively for parents that drew a lot of attention from the crowd. The match demonstrated the impact and growth of a socialized model being applied and a promising future for later development in communities.


Thuy Trang, a student in grade 5 at Dien Loc Primary school eagerly shared after a long day at the event: “Today my father came with me to this Fun Football Festival, I felt great when I was able to join various activities as I wanted to: playing football, life skills games, traditional games, singing and dancing with my friends after having lunch. This event is also my last time playing with friends and teachers in Dien Loc football club. Next year, I will move to secondary school and hopefully there is a club like this for me and my friends to join.”


Mr. Sigmund expressed his interests in the event’s activities and future cooperation: “Baconco has been supporting FFAV activities for the last few years. This is the third time that I have been here and we will probably continue to do this for the next years to come, both for Baconco as a company and as Nordic Chamber of Commerce. We also feel very safe with FFAV, a well-organized organization, because we can actually see what we are giving is used for something productive.” For the goal of developing non-competitive grassroots football playground for children all over Vietnam, we hope that this partnership will last long. Thank you Baconco for standing there with us!

Le Thi Hue