Football for All

The meaning of FFAV is illustrated very clearly in its name “Football for All.” The aim to connect people is not just for the children on the pitches or in the life-skill tents but also for those who prepare playgrounds for them. Through football activities, we have a community of people with various roles but they all head the same direction: teachers, parents, senior students and other volunteers. Dien Hoa Fun Football Festival in Phu Loc District was a great example of this special bonding moment.


Playing football on a weekend afternoon

Although the event took place in the afternoon, the preparation process was well done and detailed. The children had chances to play on the big commune pitch, in the life-skills tents and joined Goal activities. Being attentively guided by the teachers, coaches and life skill facilitators, all of the children wore big smiles on their faces from the beginning of the even well on their way home. We confidently believe that these radiant smiles will always be a beautiful part of their lives.


A big smile in the Fun Football Festival

The most special thing of this event was that the supporters came  in great numbers and varieties. Teachers, parents and volunteers were the ones behind the scenes that helped make the festival succesful. For the sake of the children, these useful activities can be maintained in the future but only with deep involvement from the parents and other volunteers in the community.


Parents supporting Football club with finance

I had the opportunity to watch 3 football matches consisting of the participation of parents and their children on the same pitch. Playing with and having the same feelings as the children was the first step to have access to the parents and gradually drag them into club’s activities. Hopefully, in the future, parents will be the main factor to keep up football activities for children.


A football match consisting of parents participation

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Phuong, Director of FFAV, genuinely shared with the parents at the end of the event: ”There were 21 students having their parents attending this event today. But I hope that this number will grow in the upcoming time and the role of parents will not just stop at participating. You have to be the ones to support and organize these interesting occasions for your children. ” FFAV will do their best to equip teachers and parents with necessary knowledge and skills so that when the support from project ends, they can run the club on their own.


Mr. Phuong talking with parents and teachers

And not only did the parents who have children directly benefitting from the activities take part in this event, a great number of former students came and supported very actively. They helped with Fundraising stalls, organize life skill activities, and other related things. Their happiness was rooted in their dedication to the community and to develop themselves as mature teenagers giving back to their communities.


Former students helping with Fundraising stalls

Dien Hoa Fun Football Festival ended with lots of joy and hope. The bonding among people working for children’s interests is getting tighter and tighter. FFAV wishes nothing but to have these playgrounds maintained together with all the successes and positive impacts the project has built up for over 14 years. For these events will be something good to be remembered by the children for a lifetime.

Le Thi Hue