FFAV’s GOAL team launches HIV prevention outdoor activity-based training for NPA staff

FFAV’s GOAL team inaugurated an outdoor activity-based training in the topic of HIV/AIDS prevention that was expected to raise awareness for NPA staff in the annual orientation of NPA ceremony at Cua Viet Beach on Friday, 30th March, 2018.

The GOAL team, consisting of one core member and 10 female teachers, delivered two-hour HIV/AIDS training course in the aim to empower and strengthen fundamental knowledge for 240 NPA staffs, especially creating the co-learning environment and testifying the existed knowledge from the participants.


The participants took part in the training course with the open-minded attitude, versatile learning as well as skill sharing. Unlike any classroom based trainings, this new training methodology, initiated by FFAV, successfully brought participants closer to sports and HIV/AIDS prevention by using football as a tool. Not only educating participants about HIV, routes of transmission and how to protect themselves from infection through variety of activities, the training benefited participants to promote trust, confidence, self-esteem, teamwork and problem solving.


As one of FFAV’s most valuable partners in children protection and safety, NPA has supported FFAV in surveying football pitches and creating safe playgrounds for children. NPA has also provided good ranges of fundamental trainings on Mine Risk Education which helped the FFAV instructors fully understand the importance of reducing the risk of injury from mine, raise awareness as well as enabled them to advocate social cognitive change in communities. In return, FFAV has elevated such professional practical trainings to equip NPA staff personal skills and knowledge according to FFAV’s strengths and expertise. The profits received from the training service will be contributed to maintain the operation of the FFAV’s football clubs.

Le Quang Hieu